Troubador The Hermit Trilogy: Book 1

Released: 23/10/2019

eISBN: 9781916203600

Format: eBook

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The Hermit Trilogy: Book 1

The Isle of Tides


No man is an island…

Power in fourteenth-century Britain is a fluid idea, depending on who is speaking, the Church or a feudal elite. To priest Jean-Felipe, the only power worth having is over oneself. Shunning the path that leads to marriage and family, Jean-Felipe instead travels from his abbey in Normandy to the remote Gower coast of Wales. There he intends to live as a hermit and use his power to teach and spread God’s love.

Despite his intentions, Jean-Felipe is a passionate soul, with an independent mind that can get him into trouble. This is particularly true when a feudal family return to occupy their Welsh castle for the few months of April to September.  

The summer is hot and passions run high as the young people of the castle flex their power, running up against Jean-Felipe and the local people. Through the intervening months, all will be tested against the codes of man and God, some emerging unchanged and others never to be the same again.

Overall, I think this story is written well. I found the entry into the story and the complex storyline very good. The writing style was very good and pleasant to read. All shown characters whether main or supporting are authentic and interesting. Especially because they are all different and have been presented in a pleasant way. I also like the character development. I think the cover really suits the book and genre nicely. The narrated story is coherent in itself and the suspense is constantly present, thereby and through the great, detailed language, the book remains captivating until the end.

by Annemarie

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