Troubador The Happening Man

Released: 26/02/2016

eISBN: 9781785894671

Format: eBook

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The Happening Man


This is the period of Manifest Destiny, the years that saw the linking of the East and West Coasts by the Transcontinental Railroad, when the untamed Western Frontier turned into the legendary Wild West. Vast untamed territories were marshaled by the US Army, which was tasked to impose Federal and Civilian law in an attempt to allow settlers and immigrants to create legitimate homes and businesses.

It was a tortuous journey. Many wrong policies, many dastardly deeds were enacted by desperate men. There were misunderstandings and there was deception but despite these human failings, a powerful country emerged that provided men and women with the opportunity to create their own success. Many tried… not many succeeded.

The Happening Man prospered, like some others, by having the cunning, the determination, the guile and the foresight to plot his way through this volatile period. This is his saga, as he utilizes his military experience in his private ventures to acquire the fortune that will eventually provide for his family.

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