The Happening Man

by Vic Chamberlain
Released: 28th September, 2017
It is one man's saga in which he uses all his guile, experience and physical ability to create his fortune.

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Full synopsis

Set in the American west from 1860 onwards, The Happening Man follows the journey of Trigg Hemmyng as he utilises his guile, experience and foresight to acquire a fortune that will provide for his family.

Vic Chamberlain’s story takes place in the period of Manifest Destiny, when American expansion linked the east and west coasts by the Transcontinental Railroad, and when the untamed Western Frontier was transformed into the legendary Wild West. Federal and civilian law were imposed in an attempt to allow settlers to create homes and businesses, and vast territories were marshalled by the US army. But on this torturous journey, many dastardly deeds were enacted by desperate men. Despite these human failings, a powerful country emerged with the potential to provide men and women with the opportunity to create their own success. Many tried, but few succeeded. The Happening man prospered, using his cunning, determination and military experience to make his fortune in this volatile period.

Vic Chamberlain’s western novel narrates the saga of this eponymous Happening man.Inspired by Vic’s fascination with the American west and how it came into being, The Happening Man provides the reader with a new slant on the subject that has not yet been covered. With cinematic properties, the book will appeal to readers of western and historical fiction, as well as fans of Western cinema and television.

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