Troubador The Furness Secret

Released: 01/02/2012

ISBN: 9781780880303

Format: Paperback

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The Furness Secret


A firefight deep in Helmand Province, Afghanistan, irrevocably joins together the stories of two young men fighting on opposite sides of this vicious conflict. Neither realise that the outcome will be the revelation of a centuries old secret with far reaching implications.

Three teenagers, two boys and a girl, all with troubled childhoods. An old ruin which reeks of history and intrigue. A young toddler who is in urgent need of help. A secret buried for thousands of years. This is the backdrop against which The Furness Secret is set. Three strands of narrative are interwoven across the centuries – from biblical Palestine, through medieval France, to the gritty reality of life, in a modern post industrial town, in the north west of England.

After returning from war, Tom finds his life changed forever. Re-building his relationships means taking up new responsibilities. To succeed he must escape from his past and make amends for his previous decisions.

An enthralling read, which combines a fast moving plot with a commentary on Western foreign policy in the Middle East, and the moral authority of organised religion in the twenty first century. 20 December 2011

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