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Released: 25/09/2014

ISBN: 9781785891021

eISBN: 9781784627607

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June 1914: In London, a militant suffragette plants a bomb on the Coronation Chair in Westminster Abbey, while in Sarajevo, an idealistic young surgeon fights to save the life of the mortally wounded Archduke Franz Ferdinand. Four weeks later the Great War begins and their paths cross when one of the worst typhus epidemics in European history sweeps across the Balkans.

Set in Edinburgh, London, Vienna, and Serbia, this epic love story is centred on the lives of women who were part of the Scottish Women’s Hospital Unit. Led by the suffragist Dr Elsie Inglis, they travelled to Serbia and established a hospital which saved the lives of thousands of Allied soldiers and civilians. The courage of these women was shown during the horror of the Great Serbian Retreat, when they accompanied the Serbian army and thousands of civilians who fled across the snowbound Montenegrin mountains into Albania, with the German army close on their heels.

The novel also tells of the Austrian General whose incompetence led to the start of the First World War, and of the fatal mistake made by a rising star of American microbiology, who sailed to Serbia to try and produce a typhus vaccine. But the heart of this true story is the brave dedication of the Scottish women: their war work was a triumph for the suffrage cause, destroying the myth of female fragility and heralding the British Act of Parliament which finally gave women the right to vote in 1918.

Thoroughly enjoyed reading this gripping novel. Would recommend it for a summer holiday read - the love story between the two protagonists set on the backdrop of the war was compelling and I enjoyed being able to see the story through both of the characters.
Also interesting to learn about the typhoid epidemic and the role that women played in the war, which helped lead to them gaining the vote.

by Jenny J

Read during holiday via Kindle. Love story set during an amazing period of history,well crafted and moved at a good pace. I learnt a lot about Scottish Women's hospital in Serbia and typhus epidemic. These were things of which I previously knew nothing and I'm surprised that more is not known especially during the present remembrance events.
However it is a love story and this weaves around real life events well.
A good read.

by G. Jacyna

Gripping love story set around real,life World War One events. I knew nothing of the brave women in the Scottish Women's Hospital in Serbia or the typhus epidemic!
This book moves along with well rounded characters and realistic romantic moments. Recommend for holiday read.

by scotsgirl

This book provides amazing information on less well-known aspects of WW I. Well done, Mr. McCabe!

by Margot Fischer

I really enjoyed this interesting and well written book. It's very informative about the suffragette movement and certain aspects of the First World War, not least the Scottish Women's Hospitals. The author clearly has a huge amount of medical and historical knowledge and this is dealt with very well in the book, complementing, rather than distracting from, the central story of love and friendship.

Highly recommended. I'm looking forward to reading more by this promising author.

by Catherine Jones

This book is a fantastic read. You can't put it down but then mourn it's loss once you have finished it. I was so caught up in the plot and characters that I didn't realise that I was also being educated. I would thoroughly recommend this book and I have already mentioned it to friends and colleagues who I know will enjoy it.

by Anne S

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