Troubador The Cream Packard

Released: 28/11/2018

ISBN: 9781788038003

Format: Paperback

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The Cream Packard


A story of glamour and tragedy in everyday life, of shady deals and underhand motives, set against the unique backdrop of 1956 America.


Late summer, 1956. Nick Carter, an impressionable young man, leaves South London and travels to Excelsior in beautiful Minnesota for a family wedding. It’s only two weeks. How much can a man change?


A collection of viewpoints all centring in one fabulous place, The Cream Packard is a rounded tale of scandal and manipulation in the golden era of fifties America. When Nick arrives, he is quickly enchanted by his famous cousin, Hollywood actress Elaine Mason, owner of a rare Packard. She soon manoeuvres him into resolving her financial problems following a shady Florida investment gone sour.


Elsewhere, ambitious to his bones, Warren Clarke ‘disposes’ of his first wife and remarries, but continues an affair with Britt Lizzel, a psychiatrist treating Elaine Mason’s sister.His ambitions are thwarted after the sudden death of said patient, Caroline Mason, and an attempt to pin the death on him.


Two reporters, Johnson and Hogarth, are tasked with investigating Elaine Mason, the mysterious disappearance of Mary Clarke, and everything else that follows on its heels. Events escalate, and Carla Santiago, engaged in the illegal importation of narcotics, takes revenge after the sudden death of her sister. At the centre is the Cream Packard: backup, cohort and witness to two weeks of murky motives, death and scandal. Informative, with a good dosage of humour and wit,  The Cream Packard invites the reader along on one exciting ride.

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