Troubador The Centurions

Released: 01/09/2013

ISBN: 9781783060719

Format: Paperback

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The Centurions


Gnaeus Umbricius, Centurion of the Ninth Legion, was leaving everything behind. He was heading for sanctuary among the wild barbarians who infested the western lands. But he had no option. He did not want to become a deserter, but he had been given little choice. He had been ordered to...

With an uneasy truce having lasted for several years, the British warrior Calgacus decides it is time to hunt down the men who killed his brother. Disguised as travelling merchants, he and two companions set off into the Roman province, resolved to kill three traitors who aided the Romans.

What Calgacus does not know is that the Romans have appointed a new Governor who is determined to complete the conquest of the island. In preparation for this, he has sent a spy into the British camp.

When the first assassination does not go as planned, Calgacus is hunted and decides to hide where his enemies will least expect. He joins the Roman army.

We follow the brutal training and the savage behaviour of a vicious Centurion. Calgacus planned to leave once the hue and cry died down but rebellion in the north stirred up by Calgacus’ nemesis Venutius, sends his unit marching to help put down the trouble.

Calgacus is faced with an agonising decision – he has made friends with many of the men he trained alongside, but they are going to fight other Britons. Yet those Britons are led by a man who has vowed to kill Calgacus. Matters become more complicated when Calgacus encounters a beautiful woman from his past and learns about the Roman spy. He is compelled to untangle this knot of conflicting problems in the only way he can – with his sword.

My first novel, "In the Shadow of the Wall", was published in 2010. It received a great number of fantastic reader reviews, as well as a four star rating from The Scotsman newspaper.
I have published several e-books, some of them historical adventures, others light-hearted spoof murder mysteries set in the Darjk Ages. These are all available on the Kindle store. Details can be found on my website.
The first novel in the Calgacus series was "World's End", which was selected as Editor's Choice by the Historical Novel Society in February 2013. The Centurions is the second in the Calgacus series.

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Gordon Anthony

Born in 1957, I am now retired on medical grounds. Registered blind, I turned to my interest in history to provide background for my stories which I write with the aid of special software that talks to me as I type. I grew up in Broughty Ferry, near Dundee, but moved to Livingston, West Lothian, in 1987.

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