Troubador The Broken Horizon

Released: 01/02/2013

ISBN: 9781780884967

Format: Paperback

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The Broken Horizon


Chrissie Reid, a young battered wife living on a small Orkney island in 1906 finally turns on her husband, Jack. After a particularly brutal attack, she is driven to offering him poison. With no memory of that night, she believes she has killed him, especially when she finds evidence of a body buried in the byre. In spite of her guilt at having taken another life, Chrissie eventually finds love again. Her strength, determination and love for her fellow islanders carry her through fourteen years of hardship, intercepted and exacerbated by the Great War. But the past won’t stay hidden, and fourteen years after that fateful night, Chrissie is forced to confront the nightmare which has overshadowed her life. With the arrival of a letter, she discovers that nothing is as it seems. A series of events over which she has no control are set in motion. Lies and secrets are uncovered, leading to a dramatic and tragic climax.

Since first attending the AGM of the Scottish Association of Writers in 1999, Catherine Byrne has won several prized, commendations and has been short listed both for short stories and chapters of her novel. In 2009, she won second prize in the general novel category for ‘Follow The Dove.’ She has attended an Arvon Foundation course and a Hi-Arts writing program, receiving positive feedback on her work from both.

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Catherine Byrne

Catherine Byrne has always wanted to be a writer. Her professional life however, took a very different path. She first studied Glass engraving with Caithness Glass where she worked for fourteen years. During that time she also worked as a foster parent. After the birth of her youngest child, she changed direction, studying and becoming a Chiropodist with her own private practice. At the same time she did all administration work for her husband's two businesses, and this continued until the death of her husband in 2005. However she still maintained her love of writing, and has had several short stories published in woman's magazines. Her main ambition is to write novels, and has now retired in order to write full time.

She was born on the Island of Stroma, and was brought up hearing stories from her grandparents about the island life of a different generation. An interest in geology, history and her strong ties to island life has influenced her choice of genre for her first novel.

Catherine Byrne lives in Wick, Caithness.

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