Troubador Tamsin's War

Released: 05/12/2012

eISBN: 9781780886251

Format: eBook

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Tamsin's War


Tamsin is a naval medical officer working at Selly Oak, about to go on her first deployment to Afghanistan. She receives what can only be described as a baptism of fire. This young and deeply caring woman is left scarred and shocked by her experiences.

Paul, a paratrooper, has arrived back in Selly Oak with life changing injuries both physical and mental, and has a frightening road ahead.

Both have different paths to follow and challenges to meet on the road to find happiness and peace in the aftermath.

Tamsin's War will take the reader on a vivid journey with the medical evacuation teams deployed in Afghanistan. It highlights the highs and lows of those fighting the Taliban, those fighting to keep the injured alive, the helicopter crews tasked to extract the injured and the medical personnel who fix those lives shattered by the conflict.

Tamsin's War is frank regarding facts about injuries witnessed and the physical and emotional affects of these wounds. It will take you through the emotional roller coaster of a full operational deployment in Afghanistan and how it affects and changes those exposed to the reality of modern day war.

Tamsin's War told through the eyes of a naval medical officer takes the reader on a vivid journey with Medical Evacuation teams deployed in Afghanistan, highlighting the highs and lows of those fighting the Taliban, those fighting to keep the injured alive, the helicopter crews tasked to extract the injured and the Medical Personnel who fix those lives shattered by this conflict.
An amazing book which catapults you in the center of their universe, giving a unique insight which allows the reader an opportunity to understand the chaos this conflict has caused through the extraordinary attention to detail which will captivate you from the first page to the last.
Wayne Cherry - Ex WO1 Royal Logistics Corps

Tamsin's War is a remarkable and moving account of life as a nurse serving in the armed forces.
We follow her from Selly Oak in Birmingham to Camp Bastion field hospital in Afghanistan, experiencing with her intimately, the roller coaster of life and death, success and failure that confront her as a member of the Medical Evacuation team during the conflict.
This wonderful book places the reader at Tamsin's side throughout the whole story, vividly experiencing every sight, sound and emotion with her.
Gillian Waldeck - RGN

Call of The Buffalo
This novel will take you through 2 years on a modern day Sioux reservation in Dakota. It follows a people who want to live as close to their ancestors as possible. The novel is very visual and takes you back to the old traditions and spirituality. All this is brought to life by the main character who, after securing a 6 month contract to work on the reservation and write about the lives of the tribe and the people that visit them, finds herself drawn into the tribe. The decisions she makes have profound affects on both the tribe and her own family back in England.

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Rosina Tsang

I was born and raised in Plymouth before moving to Berkshire where I pursued a career as an analyst.

Reading was always a major part of my life, but writing did not enter equation until 2007 when I wanted to find a form of escapism, writing about things I had a passion and interest for. As a result, my genres are never same!

That escapism became a passion and the passion led me to a writing course with Oxford University in 2010.

My first novel, Tamsin’s War was published in 2012, a bi product of the course.

My second novel, Call of The Buffalo, took 5 years to research and another 2 years to write.

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