Troubador Sky Blue Pink

Released: 24/12/2014

eISBN: 9781784627966

Format: eBook

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Sky Blue Pink


The pendulum swings freely. It measures our lives in minutes, days and years, through the passage of time. Life as we know it will inevitably change.

Sky Blue Pink recalls the memories of yesteryear when simply holding hands while waiting for a first kiss was pure joy. Letters were the main source of communication, a father's values were honoured, turntables spun vinyl and rotary dial telephones hung on kitchen walls.

Take a trip back through the pages of youth. Recapture the mischievous innocence of two girls as they travel through Europe with their Eurail Passes, Europe on Ten Dolllars a Day and their quest for adventure as their only guides. Join Jill and Debbie as they dance in the streets of Venice, plan a heist at the Hofbrauhaus, meet a concentration camp victim, swim in the Blue Grotto and find themselves stranded in the Italian countryside in the middle of the night. Share Jill's excitement when she meets up with her secret crush in Italy.

Experience the characters' adventures and predicaments and allow yourself to be taken back to a simpler era. Sky Blue Pink captures the essence of youthful times gone by, times that we long to revisit.

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“Two best friends celebrate their high school graduation with a trip to Europe and share truly amazing adventures in this action-packed story. Readers are along for the ride from the first page of Sky Blue Pink to the last! I could not wait to read what would happen next, and often wished I had been with Jill and Debbie! Thank you, Pam, for a wonderful story that takes those of us who “grew up” in the 60’s and 70’s on a nostalgic journey. You go, Girl!”
– Cathy O’Hare Sandell
Retired Teacher and Honored Friend

Bonner County Daily Bee

Sky Blue Pink is a really sweet, lovely and true girl-coming-of-age story. With each page, it became more engrossing until I couldn’t wait to see what would befall her next. What a wonderful tribute to true love, family, culture and heritage. Thanks for sharing, kid, it was super

by Dennis Pence

Very occasionally one’s life is stirred by a mixture of emotions and ancient memories long buried but not forgotten. In reading Sky Blue Pink such an awakening occurred for me. It represents a return to that innocent age where all is new and must be discovered and savored with great intensity. It is the creating of friendships and love at a tender age where all is filled with both wonder and excitement. It is about the embarkation on life filled with hope and expectation. Pam, thank you for reminding me of the waving wheat fields and the balmy summer sun of my youth both reminding me in turn of you

by Peter Pritchard

Pam Lippi

Pam Lippi lives in the small, mountain town of Sandpoint, Idaho where she teaches Elementary Physical Education and Health for the Lake Pend Oreille School District. She and her husband Jim have owned and operated Ivano’s Ristoranté for over 30 years. Her first novel Sky Blue Pink quickly became a labor of love as she began sculpting the story from memories of long ago. She is currently working on her second novel, From Lucca with Love.

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