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Released: 28/04/2018

ISBN: 9781788034500

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Silence in the Desert


Silence in the Desert is a psychological thriller set against the backdrop of the Second World War. 

Four young people are caught up on opposing sides, yet bound to one another by pre-war friendship, and new found love.

Henri’s family sends a son from each generation to military college for a commission into the French Foreign Legion. As he fulfils this tradition and the Second World War breaks out, Henri is faced with a dilemma which will lead to an adventure few could match in that conflict.

Leo is set on joining Goering’s new Luftwaffe, but his war leads him into the secret world of Signals Intelligence. The suspension of the moral law in time of turmoil raises issues which he struggles to reconcile with his conscience and the ethics of his upbringing.

Bill is South African, a talented young rugby player at the same school as Henri and Leo, and heads for Cambridge on an RAF scholarship. His ultimate test comes from a least expected direction and a woman who has already suffered terribly.

Elisabeth’s home was Munich until her father becomes a professor at the Pasteur Institute, and she starts her own medical training in Paris. Her crucial decision to return to Germany clashes with the circumstances of her family and the legacy of its past. Alone and threatened, Elisabeth escapes to the deserts of North Africa and to the man who will change her life.

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Silence in the Desert is an excellent novel covering the battles in the Middle East, the Mediterranean, and Africa from 1941 into 1945 through the eyes of three students. Henri de Rochefort is the son of an English woman and a Frenchman, raised in France but being educated in England. Henri's dream is to become a member of the French Foreign Legion as his forefathers before him. Leo Beckendorf is the son of a German and an English woman, also taking some of his education in England but raised in Germany and feeling he is destined to fly for the German Luftwaffe. Bill Lomberg is British but was raised in Africa and his dream, too, is to fly. Adding their viewpoint we have Benedictine monk Dom Brendan Rooker OSB, or Rookie as the boys call him, who is house master at their English school, Saint Gregory's College. And Theresa Kruger, a renamed German Jewess, a trained nurse hiding in plain sight nursing the wounded for the Free French forces.

These earlier battles fought in WWII are not as extensively covered in fact or fiction as are those later battles in Europe. It is good to see them brought to our attention. We see the same names over and over - WWI, WWII, and over the last twenty years. Libya. Greece. Beirut. Egypt. Benghazi. Cairo. The Sinai. Gaza.

This is a story told very well. David Longridge is an author I will add to my list.

I received a free electronic copy of this historical novel from Netgalley, David Longridge, and Matador an imprint of Troubador Publishing Ltd. in exchange for an honest review. Thank you all for sharing your hard work with me.

by Bonnye Reed Fry

I really enjoy reading about WW2 and this book deviates from the more common British and French angle with most of the action taking place in Europe and Africa. I really enjoyed the parts involving the people, although it was a bit coincidental how they all kept bumping into each other! However I got a bit lost on the military side of things, which is not the authors fault, just my lack of knowledge! I think the book was well researched, and showed different aspects of WW2 such as how the Catholic church was stuck between a rock and a hard place and how all Germans were not Nazi's. I would suggest that if you like WW2 fiction about the Resistance or life in Britain then this book is not for you, but if you know about the action in Africa, Italy etc then you would find it most interesting. I would read another of this author's books as he has a nice writing style that flowed well and kept me interested (just not the military parts!)

by Emily Sheppard

I enjoyed reading the parts of the novel that related to military history. Silence in the Desert seems to have been quite well researched and covers a number of key WWII campaigns..
The counter-woven plots are fascinating and are well written. However, the main story-line of the interconnecting characters is fairly implausible, with some character vignettes not logical or particularly persuasive.

The book reminded me somewhat of a Jeffrey Archer novel, which will hopefully attract a number of Archer's followers.

by Peter Coxall (via NetGalley)

David Longridge

David Longridge is a writer with a wealth of experience and success in the real world.

After school he worked for, and became, Chief Executive of Avis International, then second largest car rental company globally. That was followed by a long stint in investment banking in the City of London. On retirement, he decided to release his creativity by writing books that were fictional, but in an historical setting of a period he loved.

David lived and worked in Paris in the 1960's, including assignments to Algiers and the Sahara. "Fracture" is his fourth novel, in which he has woven his story around the real facts of what happened in France and Algeria when they separated. These were the most drastic times in French history. Times of total devastation, bombs in Paris, terrorism, espionage, betrayal, assassinations, fear, and brutal revenge on a scale unseen since the French Revolution of 1789. These are the locations and timeframe when the events in "Fracture" take place.

David has a strong interest in French political and military history, this being the foundation for the four novels he has written to date. He works from his home in Malmesbury, England, with his wife Anna who is a practising artist.

David Longridge

David Longridge
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