Troubador See Out The Crazy Times

Released: 28/06/2015

ISBN: 9781784622831

Format: Paperback

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See Out The Crazy Times


Winter, 1939. Edna and Lucy, along with new-born babies Jack and Lily, return to London during the war to a world gone mad. Forced to live underground, sleeping on the dark and dingy platforms of the Underground, they emerge each day to be confronted by bombed-out houses, already picked over by looters, spivs, black market traders and swindlers. When the war ends, Lucy, a bright and ambitious woman, seizes the opportunities that their changed society now offers. Meanwhile, Edna remains rooted in the old beliefs of kinship and community. Struggling to overcome the trauma of five years of conflict and unable to come to terms with her separation from her husband, Edna worries that life will never be the same again. Robbed of their childhood by the war, Jack, Lily and her younger brother George attempt to forge their own definitions of normality. When as a teenager Lily discovers a scrap of paper in the lining of a classy cashmere coat gifted to her from the American Red Cross, she jumps at the opportunity to follow its trail, which leads her to a famous poet and a chance to reclaim her place in a broken world. See Out the Crazy Times shares the stories of five people whose lives have been changed forever by the war. It is a life-affirming story, bitter-sweet, filled with laughter, anger and hope, that will appeal to readers who enjoy fiction about the second world war and its aftermath.

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Sylvia Hikins

Sylvia Hikins is a writer,poet,painter and music maker. A winner of the Waterstone's Poetry Prize, Sylvia has appeared widely at literary events, including the Edinburgh Fringe, published nine books of poetry, short stories,book reviews and has broadcast on national radio and television. Her poem 'Journey to the Edge', written after driving a truck to former Yugoslavia with Women's Aid for Peace while the war still raged, was described by Melvyn Bragg as 'extra-ordinarily impressive.' Born in London, now living on Merseyside, 'See Out the Crazy Times', a story about the second world war in Britain and its aftermath and based on real events, is Sylvia's first published novel.

Sylvia Hikins-writer, painter, poet, music maker at her exhibition in Reykjavik, Iceland.
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