Troubador Seasons of Fate

Released: 28/02/2016

ISBN: 9781785890390

Format: Paperback

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Seasons of Fate

Autumn and Winter


Seasons of Fate – Autumn and Winter follows on from Catherine and Shadiz’s surprise marriage at the end of Seasons of Fate – Spring and Summer. It is 1644 and due to the Civil War, two Parliamentarian armies and the Scottish army have descended on North East Yorkshire, laying siege to Royalist York. Immediately after the ceremony, Shadiz sent Catherine away – despite her pleas to stay with him. He believes it was safer for Catherine to leave their home, the Lodge in Stillingfleet Forest. Before her departure, he made a rare confession, making it plain that apart from the war and his enemies at Fylingdales Hall, he, too, posed a threat to her. After making the journey to Shadiz’s chateau in France, Catherine still remains in danger. The Dowager of Fylingdales and her brother are intent upon using Catherine to bring about Shadiz’s downfall – but their scheme is thwarted by an unexpected intervention. This results in Catherine sailing deeper into the Mediterranean, to a dubious island that Shadiz certainly does not want her to experience. Once again, the moonstone and jet pendants Shadiz and Catherine wear draw them together, only for them to be vulnerable to a weird malice that hurls Shadiz back into the war in England. Yet more deadly is the battle he must win for Catherine’s and his own existence...

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