Troubador Sanctuary

Released: 28/11/2014

ISBN: 9781784620707

Format: Paperback

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Separated by 600 years, linked by a tragic coincidence… Sholto Kelley had always lived a sheltered life working at an Abbey in Ireland, but when the Pope calls for a crusade to restore the Christian influence in the Holy Land, Sholto feels compelled to respond. Upon his arrival in the port city of Acre, a huge, enemy army also descend, determined to expel the Christian crusaders from the Holy Land. Instructed by the Commander of the Templar garrison to leave Acre on the last available boat, Sholto’s mission is to evacuate ancient texts and transport them back to the Abbey to be deciphered. When his life is threatened, Sholto hides the texts with a coded message as to their location. Six hundred years later, in 1891, Sholto’s message is found by James Cartwright who is seeking sanctuary during a storm. Intrigued by his discovery, James is inspired to follow the message in order to bring closure to Sholto’s mission and satisfy his own curiosity. Inspired by authors such as Kate Mosse, Dan Brown and Henry Lincoln, Sanctuary spans six decades in order to bring a new perspective to an age old question.

Writing Sanctuary:- Some of the ideas that inspired this book came from events that were recorded from places I had visited whilst on holiday with my family. The story of the ship 'The Royal Charter' was one such example. This was a ship that sailed all the way from Australia only to sink in a storm off the coast of Anglesey in 1859. The fact that exactly one hundred years later another ship was wrecked in the same bay seemed to me to be a strange coincidence.
On a visit to Cornwall I was surprised to read about two brothers who were hanged from the walls of Bodmin Jail in 1840 for killing a merchant. The brother of the victim, who was aboard a ship thousands of miles away, had a premonition in which he foresaw the murder and wrote about it in the ship's log. On his return to England his worst fears were realised.
These occurrences made me think that there were factors at work that were not generally recognised as scientific. They could be described as supernatural. Alternatively, they could be manifestations of super nature. Either way, similar themes are woven into the story. Although 'Sanctuary' is classified as historical fiction, there are many real places and events described. Themes that run through the story include, the search for meaning, the way that fate can interfere with intensions and examples of parallels where history appears to repeat itself.
Newly published on 28/11/2014, this book should appeal to those who like their history served with a touch of spice!

Mid Cornwall Advertiser

A very good read. Well written and if you know Cornwall you will appreciate the local research that has been done.

by Susan Sutton

A very rewarding and enjoyable read, blending mystery, history, romance and the role of fate and the supernatural. Skilfully written with a powerful descriptive narrative and an intriguing structure. Excellent.

by Mike Tyler

David J. Lightfoot

I was born in Manchester where I met my wife and married in 1970. We have three grown up daughters and eight grandchildren.

After completing a Certificate of Education course, I left my job in the Accounting Department of the North Western Gas Board to take up a post as a Lecturer at a College of Further Education in Birmingham. During this time I gained a B Phil(Ed) at Birmingham University.

I have always had an interest in unexplained mysteries, historical curiosities and esoteric matters. Using my touring caravan I have visited many interesting places (mainly in France and Cornwall) which have inspired my writing. North Cornwall is an important location in the book.

I hope that 'Sanctuary' is an exciting, interesting and thought provoking story. Enjoyable to read as an adventure as well as a portent.

At Trebarwith, Cornwall

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