Troubador Rose in Yorkshire

Released: 28/08/2020

eISBN: 9781800467408

Format: eBook

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Rose in Yorkshire


‘Rose in Yorkshire’ is the fourth book in a series featuring Rose Pinner, a young New Yorker in the 1950’s who goes on a winter vacation to Palm Beach, Florida where she develops a relationship with Simon Knight, an Englishman abroad.

Together they help Simon’s aunt recover lost property. In ‘Death by the Exe’ the tables are turned and Rose visits Simon in Exeter, England. Here their relationship develops further as they help to solve a crime. In ‘The Memory Press’ Rose is suddenly and painfully widowed and starts a small business in London, working for Clare Hart, a woman with a story to tell. Here she is again at last in Yorkshire, finding new friends and becoming embroiled in a confusing web of claims and counter-claims concerning art, identity and theft. Try it with tea and toast.

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