Troubador Pariah

Released: 28/04/2016

ISBN: 9781785891311

Format: Paperback

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A trail of death, mutilation and terror leads to a search for the priceless ancient treasure of the Fen Tigers. Following the death of his brother Francis Boyle, Eddie reluctantly succeeds to the apparently worthless title of tenth Marquess of Exwick, a country estate in Suffolk. As a partner in a successful Norfolk estate agency, Eddie enjoys a relaxed lifestyle; however, his inheritance draws him into a nightmarish pursuit of what appears to be an unknown goal. After an intriguing phone call from a clergyman in Cambridgeshire, Eddie arrives in the village of Herne Fen. He soon encounters worrying behaviour from the locals, but before Boyle learns any more about this village, the vicar disappears... Eddie is soon drawn into the police investigation led by DCI Jan Reed. Slowly, it becomes clear that the investigating team must tie in a number of historical references, including clues from journals and expert academic views. What begins as a routine search for a missing person soon becomes a murder hunt, with the case linking to current deaths and much earlier murders. A tale of intrigue, mystery and murder, Pariah has all the components of a quintessentially British mystery novel and will appeal to fans of authors such as Ian Rankin and Robert Harris.

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An engrossing novel that quickly draws you in and leaves you wanting more. What is fact and what is fiction? keeps you guessing throughout. The well developed characters, intriguing events and well - drawn landscape allow the reader to become instantly involved with the plot. The cracking pace excites to the very last page. It is hard to believe this is the debut novel by RS Bristowe. There are so many possibilities for a follow - up and I sincerely hope that this talented author will not disappoint.

by Teresa Cole

A real page turner, not easily put down once started. Working out how the characters interact and their past history is something to occupy the mind when you eventually turn off the light. Who are the 'Fen Tigers' are they any of the locals or some strange creatures from the depths of the fens. Is anyone who you believe them to be? Read it and find out for yourself.

by Maureen Cytacki

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