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Released: 18/07/2014

eISBN: 9781784626969

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Otti's Escape


Five years of Nazi occupation is over. During the post war euphoria of new possibilities and freedom, Otti falls in love with the wealthy Fredrik Holst. She decides to marry him, despite warnings from family and friends. At first, their marriage flourishes. However, Otti soon discovers that the freedom she has gained comes at a price. One day, Fred goes too far.

Her family is disintegrating around her, the echoes of her flight from the Nazi invasion ring down through the years, and again Otti has to flee her home. Will she be able to escape her fate this time?

Follow Otti on her quest for love and her own kind of freedom. Can she finally overcome the legacy of the war?

Otti’s Escape, comments from ‘Authonomy’

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Here are some of the comments given to Otti’s Escape from its airing on the site:

Pia wrote:
Poignantly observed relationships, transcending time. The post-war atmosphere in Oslo captured in fine nuances. Othilie, subduing her spirit to protect a vulnerability under the cool veneer of the mother, is a fascinating character… ‘she seemed able to harness all of that nervous energy into one decisive move whenever she chose to…it exited Fred, and unsettled him’; the scene in the sewing-room is wonderfully surreal.

Angietee wrote:
Intense doesn’t describe this work. A definite must read for all those looking for a story that grips and doesn’t let go.

MJDavey wrote:
I found myself engrossed in the story after the first chapter, and was compelled to read on. As the story progresses Otti’s struggle becomes clearer and her final choices towards finding her own kind of happiness and breaking with the past brings the story to an exciting conclusion.

Benjamin Dancer wrote:
I’m fascinated by the story. The little details, the signal-knock, injects a tension into this scene. The innocence- the running- added intrigue and complexity. This is a subtle narrative, leaving the reader to piece things together. Lastly the contrast: The setting: Icy cold, the fear juxtaposed with love. What a scene!

Patrick Barrett wrote:
Intense and atmospheric with a world of promised intrigue. Very hard to put down.

Colin Normanshaw wrote:
Very atmospheric and engagingly written.

Su Dan wrote:
Great, gripping writing. This is intense and difficult to stop reading.

Ottis Escape succeeds in being intimate and epic, skillfully interweaving the past and present with Norways majestic landscape and its pervading chill. Ottis presence - like a chill- is felt throughout the story - even when she is absent- through the impact she has on the two men in her life, Frederik and Bernard, her daughters (especially the painfully fragile Monika), and Mrs Risen- her charismatic mother and nemesis.

Ottis dealings with rejection, family, marriage, parenthood, trauma, death, grief and impending loneliness are chilling and unapologetic; and and following a series of devastating incidents beyond her control, and perhaps subconsciously of her doing, we finally and satisfyingly get to the heart of this enigmatic character who frustrates and beguiles in equal measures.

Ottis escape is a subtle and compelling page turner; a fraying and often familiar tapestry of manners, traditions, unrequited passions, betrayals, and ultimately survival. In addition to its poetic sweep, captured each time like a few strokes from an artists brush, the storys other strength, and its driving force, is the authors ability to inhabit the psychology of each character so that we are left rooting for them-warts and all; and no less so for Otti whose epiphany reveals a wound that is also a deeply touching statement about the effects of war on a frightened little girl.

by anthony grant

Latest reader review on Amazon:

5.0 out of 5 stars Highly recommended first novel 21 Sep 2014
By Hagrid

I enjoyed this so much and it is beautifully written. The charachters are fascinating and I found myself impatient to pick it up every time I had a chance. The descriptions of life in Norway and the intricacies of the relationships intrigued me. I am sure Marianne’s abundant talent will be “discovered” and I look forward to her next book!

by Deirdre Corr

Marianne Wagner

I grew up in Oslo, Norway, where I studied Philosophy, Psychology and Logic before embarking on Law Studies at University of Oslo. I had just got through the Family Law section when I broke off my studies and traveled to London to sing and play in bands.

Later on I went back to studying, this time Existential Psychotherapy, and I have sought to develop my writing skills through taking short courses in Creative Writing at Exeter College.

In my free time I relax walking my dog on the beach in Devon and enjoy my involvement as singer and songwriter in a music publishing project called Anecdotal.

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