Troubador One Place

Released: 28/08/2018

eISBN: 9781789012194

Format: eBook

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One Place


One Place follows Robbie Dalton, a black Aboriginal Australian who joins the army to fight in the Great War of 1918. Robbie travels from a deeply divided and racist Australia to the war-torn fields of Ypres, where he draws on his Indigenous heritage to find strength in the midst of this brutal war. During the conflict his inner warrior emerges and Robbie is established as a leader amongst men. 

When Robbie is injured during a vicious gas attack in the trenches, he is tended to by a beautiful Italian nurse, Maria. The two fall in love and navigate the aftermath of war together. After his autonomous life as a soldier in Europe, Robbie returns to Australia and finds himself facing shocking bigotry. He pits his new-found identity against the embedded racial divide that exists in his home town. 

Robbie’s powerful story is one of passion, wonder and ultimately survival, where a unique individual finds freedom during a terrible war only to find that when he returns to his beloved home, it has now become a prison. Alongside this dynamic tale, another world emerges: that of the Duradjuri clan, Robbie’s tribal bloodline. Robbie’s great ancestor Balin, a skilful and accomplished warrior lives his life according to traditional law and the teachings of the Dreamtime, the place all Aboriginal people believe to be their spiritual home.

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