Troubador Of Plum Puddings and Carriages

Released: 28/07/2018

ISBN: 9781789013887

Format: Paperback

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Of Plum Puddings and Carriages


A litter of Dalmatians is born at a London Job Master's yard in the late 1890s, where they are cared for by nearly 9-year old Hilda, the daughter of the Job Master. As they grow up they encounter the general life of the yard, including the work of the harness maker, farrier and stable management, and some of the carriages that work from here: Hansom Cab, Brougham, Landau and Butcher's Cart. The puppies grow and are sent to their adult homes.

Hilda takes one on the Omnibus to the local Vestry yard, which is managed by her Uncle. Here they encounter the dustcart horses and their stables. The grandpa who lives here reminisces about Grand Tours, how they were managed and the kind of carriages used. Hilda takes another puppy to more relatives who live in a London Mews, where their horses and carriages working from there are described. The last dog has a traumatic train journey to his new home in the country. Riding with a drunken carrier in his Float, and seeing a romantic milkman with his Milk Float on his delivery round.

Readers follow this dog's life in the yard of a wealthy family. He works with the many carriages and horses that live, there joining in with the general happenings of the stable. We see stable practices of the time and the carriages used by the family.

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