Troubador No Traveller Returns

Released: 28/03/2021

ISBN: 9781800462045

Format: Paperback

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No Traveller Returns


Marie is brought up as a country girl on the West coast of France, but world events catch up with her and life has more in store for her than her family ever expected. 

As a teenager working in a bar, the Resistance movement makes use of her local knowledge to help Jewish youngsters to escape the Nazi threat. Moving to Paris after the War, she is caught up in the aftermath of the Vel d’Hiv atrocity, and is sent on an investigation by a local Communist newspaper into the heart of Siberia. Back in Paris in the 1950s, she finds herself involved in the French/Algerian crisis and travels to North Africa. 

Here is the story of a young woman who is passionately interested in justice, not easily intimidated by political rhetoric of any sort, but most of all is touched by the personal relationships she forms with the people she is sent to investigate and those she meets on her travels. She is constantly discovering herself and the complexities of the world around her and, in all three countries, she is fascinated by the members of the Jewish community she meets, as well as those with conflicting political beliefs. 

Descriptions of the countryside around Les Landes, central Siberia and Algeria will draw you into the lives of the people who lived there in the 1940s and 50s. It will make you want to identify with a young woman, who becomes increasingly self-possessed and independent, despite the tragedies she endures

My book 'No Traveller Returns' is an adventure, war story, coming of age narrative and traces the fortunes of a young woman who is independent and forthright. All the geographical backgrounds - West France, the Pyrenees, Vladivostock, the Trans- Siberian railway, Algeria - East and West - I know personally and so the descriptions are first hand. I identify strongly with my protagonist - her fears, her shortcomings and her passions. While waiting for the paperback to be produced by Matador, you can read it on Kindle. Read and react to my blog on or find it on Facebook

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Anne-Louise Mathie

I was born in Birmingham, UK, brought up mainly in Kent and went to London University to study English Literature, firstly at Westfield College where I graduated for my B.A. Hons and then to Queen Mary College for my M,,A. in 20th century English literature, specializing in the poetry of Yeats. I have always loved the language and country of France and went there to work in the summer holidays from sixth form through university. Afterwards I lived in Grenoble and Marseille. After teaching English at South Essex Sixth Form College, my husband and I moved to the South of France and Algeria, and worked in Muslim communities there. On teaching in Manchester, and bringing up our four children there, we worked for many years in the Jewish community. I am ordained in the Church of England, worked in the Yemeni community in Salford, and then moved to Bristol , where I am a chaplain for older people in the South West of England. We now have ten grandchildren. We still love France, go there frequently and also love Algeria and Russia, where we have travelled. You will see there the settings for my books! I first started writing about Les Landes when we had a mobile home near Mimizan and we cycled through the forest - in a slightly more comfortably way than Marie did in No Traveller Returns. I love meeting people from different cultures and I love engaging in passionate discussion about politics and religion - you will see the evidence of that in my book! I firmly believe we need to engage in discussion with those who hold different beliefs to ourselves and to learn how to respect them.

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