Troubador Nefertiti Trilogy, Part 3

Released: 15/01/2020

eISBN: 9781838597948

Format: eBook

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Nefertiti Trilogy, Part 3

Return of Moses


A few years after Pharaoh Akhenaten’s death, Nefertiti had ascended the throne and began her quest to prove once and for all that she was a worthy Pharaoh. She had completed the construction of a new capital of Egypt, but her grip on power was still by no means secured. Many high officials regarded her as an invalid lacking the masculine spirit of a true Pharaoh.

To make matters worse, Moses, an old childhood friend had suddenly returned from exile and seemed bent on challenging her authority. With his powerful magic, he had brought Egypt to its knees, leaving it in ruins. The people of Egypt were openly resenting Nefertiti's rule and the High priest of Amun was secretly plotting her downfall.

Should she forsake her friendship with Moses? What can a woman Pharaoh do to regain full authority over Egypt? Will she and her family survive? Or will her legacy be forever erased from the glorious history of Egypt?

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Michael Ketit

A former engineer who now splits his time between farming and writing. He is an Ancient Egypt and Bible history enthusiast. Whilst waiting for the trees to bear fruit he spends some of his time exploring loose ends or mysteries in popular historical accounts. Written history is just one of the many possible perspectives of what actually happened. Those who fail to understand it are doomed to keep reinventing the same wheel.

He has written two books; "The sun went down at noon" and "Nerfertiti trilogy, part one."

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