Troubador Myth vs. Minotaur

Released: 28/03/2020

ISBN: 9781838592011

Format: Paperback

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Myth vs. Minotaur


The evil king demands that a group of innocent youths and virgins be fed to a ravenous monster imprisoned beneath his palace. One man alone is brave enough to challenge this, but it will take more than courage alone if they are to be saved. 

Myths and legends always have a hero but seldom give credit to those who help, and almost never admit that even the best characters have faults. In this twenty-first century version of the Greek myths surrounding the minotaur, that awful combination of man and bull, some of these omissions are put right. The strength of the female characters are brought to the fore and their contribution stressed. The hero of the tale, Theseus, recognises and admits to this. Even the smartest and most dexterous man of the time, Daedalus, is also shown to have a jealous and viloent streak.  

The Gods control everyday life, rewarding the mortals who honour them and punishing severely those who transgress. For everyone there is a price to pay. Can even the Gods ensure that good triumphs over evil?

What a lovely book, beautifully written and illustrated on nice quality paper.
Both my husband and I enjoyed this modern take on the world of the Gods. Clever observation and subtle humour make for a delightful read.

by Sharon Shortland

Brilliantly written and entertaining, would recommend!!! Especially would recommend die to the fabulous artwork!!!!

by Aiden Skeels

Very enjoyable, lovely pics

by Melissa Skeels

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