Troubador Message from Joshua: Part Two

Released: 06/01/2017

eISBN: 9781785898259

Format: eBook

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Message from Joshua: Part Two

Powerful, provocative, romantic drama at its best...


In this powerful and heartrending romance - Message from Joshua, written in two parts - the attractive character of Ralph Harington falls madly in love with his music loving sweetheart Annie Spencer as the gathering storm clouds of war loom in 1939.

Intensely romantic scenes, family drama and wartime machinations in Whitehall are set against a thought provoking religious and historical backdrop.

What is the significance of the gift that Ralph takes to war? Can he survive to make it home and even if he does what of the beautiful Annie? In any case, what of others who had a passion for Ralph from the start? After the growing tension of Part One, drama and action abound as Part Two unleashes itself!

At key moments to the strains of some of the most poignant music ever written, the characters take the reader through their emotional roller coaster of tragedy and tears, passion and romance and a suspense that is only broken 50 years later! Not since 'The French Lieutenant's Woman' has the Cobb at Lyme Regis been the scene of such heartrending romance: a love story cast in heaven, set in stone and sent to Ralph and Annie providentially, only to be torn asunder - or else sustained for eternity.

Having pre-viewed Part 1, the theme ‘Message from Joshua’ continues throughout the second part of this interesting novel which must be borne out of much research and perhaps the memoirs of a person/persons known to the author. All hell breaks loose in Part 2 with war, romance and temptation. I thoroughly enjoyed both the emotion and drama and particularly looking up the pieces of music referred to throughout the novel. A fine read!

by Denise

"A stirring tale of war and romance which takes the reader on a breathless journey from the serenity of the playing fields of Cheltenham to war torn Burma. Along the way Philip St Lawrence weaves his impressive knowledge of history into a story that is highly entertaining and which at its core, contains a strong Christian message."

by Anon

The gripping conclusion of a two-part story, Message From Joshua part 2 was just as enthralling as the first. It's a vibrant, captivating tale that people will love no matter what they like to read.

by Lindsey Kramer

I was so looking forward to reading part two and this did not disappoint. Again it had me gripped from the start and followed on faithfully from the previous book. It was just as good. I would thoroughly recommend.

by T B (via NetGalley)

Philip St Lawrence

Philip St Lawrence has worked with over 200 corporations from minnows to FTSE 100 multi-nationals and wins numerous plaudits for his inspiring presentations ( He relates this experience through his business self-help books. His talent as a writer and passion for English prose also manifests itself powerfully in his thought provoking, heartrending novel ‘Message from Joshua’. Raised in the Cotswolds Philip now lives in the New Forest, UK.

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