Troubador Long Road, Many Turnings

Released: 28/09/2016

ISBN: 9781785893339

eISBN: 9781788038256

Format: Paperback/eBook

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Long Road, Many Turnings


Long Road, Many Turnings is a family saga spanning four generations. It is the book for anyone who ever wanted to trace their ancestry and discover how their family really lived throughout the first half of the 20th Century. Although a work of fiction, Celtic author Mary has retold her own family story, achieving a mixture of drama, humour and historical events. Exploring scandal, heartbreak and danger through interrelated characters-including Roisin and Deirdre in 1907- to Ellen and Agnes in 1951. The reader experiences life across Ireland, both north and south, London and Wales. Chapters include the second world war, with storylines focussing on two different aspects - childhood evacuation to Wales and lorry driving for the Americans in Northern Ireland. These illustrate war’s unexpected impact on everyday life. There are also chapters depicting the post and the inter-war years, times which had their own challenges. Each character’s story intriguingly slips into the background of the next thus readers are constantly provided with fresh themes and new characters. The writing is entertaining, touching on gender and cultural misunderstandings alongside a fast-moving storyline. It is accessible, friendly and down-to-earth.

Another great book launch, attended by 60 people. Books selling well, e-book now also available.
Also invited onto Q&A panel at Sidmouth Literary Festival with Jeremy Thompson, MD of Matator. Northern Ireland Book Launch to be held in Waterstones, Belfast on 27th September
5 star reviews on Amazon yet again, thankyou readers!
Interviewed by a reporter for the Western Morning News last week gave rise to a really super article and it's just recently been confirmed that I will give the opening presentation at a conference in Queens University, Belfast in December.

The sign of a good book is one that you keep revisiting in your mind, and over the weeks since I read ‘Long Road, Many Turnings’ I have gone back to it many times, discussed historical points raised in it with other people, and relished the memory of it very much. Having been granted the additional privilege of being able to discuss the many stories held within the book with its author, it’s amazing to discover that most of the stories within are fact-based , relating to real life experiences.
Opening the pages of this book will transport you back through the twentieth century into rural Ireland, then a journey around the UK, taking in Wales, London, and Northern Ireland. Bear in mind that a writer’s first lesson is usually ‘write about what you know’, which is what gives this book a very authentic flavour.
It’s a captivating and moving book that encompasses a wealth of different topics, and I look forward to the next book!

by Sorrel Dryden, copywriter

A family saga that really pulls you in. I couldn't help but get involved with the characters' lives. The story moves to different locations all over the British Isles giving the reader an insight into how life was for working people struggling under different pressures. The book will make you giggle and sigh, a really human story.

by ALison Mackenzie, Graphic Designer

An absorbing tale with a wonderfully feisty heroine, beautifully evocative of period Ireland.

by Clare Wiley,freelance journalist

Mary  McClarey

The author wrote 'Long Road Many Turnings' drawing on both anecdote and more factual data contained within her family folklore. She has now written a second novel' Time for a Change', which uses her experience as a Northern Ireland nurse who lived and worked in Belfast and in Derry during 'The Troubles', but, like the first novel, her experience forms the backdrop, aspiring for authenticity, rather than the main focus of the book. There is a third novel in the pipeline which will complete the trilogy, more information coming soon!

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