Troubador Long Ago at the Horse Fayre

Released: 28/11/2016

ISBN: 9781785898587

Format: Paperback

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Long Ago at the Horse Fayre


A historical romance set in Boughton, England, and Dublin, Ireland 1846. Boughton Horse Fayre continued from 1353 to 1914 and its fame spread far and wide. Local villagers and itinerant Irish gypsies alike used it for trading and racing horses. Belle, the village baker’s daughter, overprotected and kept hidden away by her parents who desperately want to pair her off with the local butcher’s boy, Saul, meets Emmett in the village, a working Irish gypsy and groom at the fayre. After falling in love, they elope together to Ireland to escape Belle’s forced marriage. However, a blissful life does not follow and faced with many more hurdles, will true love conquer all? Belle’s future happiness hangs by a thread.

The ancient and beautiful village of Boughton seems to forge a link between past and present. Strange tales of the old Horse Fayre, inspired me to write this book.
After re-reading, I realise that there is a message, probably to myself, which is never to make judgements about people, as we are rarely what we seem, and life is very transient.

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Chris  Weatherley

Writing a book was the hardest thing I've ever done, as perseverance and patience are not my strongest virtues!

I did find the process therapeutic after a family bereavement and it certainly kept my mind occupied for 2 years!

Boughton church in twilight
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