Troubador Letters from the Past

Released: 01/12/2013

eISBN: 9781783068470

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Letters from the Past


The chance discovery of a skeleton in the ruins of a building, uncovered during the construction of the M1 motorway near Northampton in the 1950s, leads to further investigations which connect the skeleton with nearby Hartington Hall and to documents which have been held in the possession of the owners. This find, far from clarifying the mystery associated with these documents, only introduces more unanswerable questions.

The novel then travels back through the centuries, to the time of the English Civil War, to follow the fortunes of one man called upon to spy for the King by enlisting in the armies of Parliament. Both his honour and his love for the daughter of the man he serves are in peril as he pursues this hazardous task.

Back in relatively modern times, the story ends with the discovery of a secret chamber which contains not only the hidden treasure, but also documents that answer many of the questions originally posed by those Letters from the Past.

Descriptions of the siege of Oxford, minor skirmishes, the battles of Marston Moor and Naseby form a backdrop to this story of romance and adventure.Wilson offers a real insight into the world of ordinary men and women during a time of considerable turmoil, in a land which is so often described as green and pleasant.

The story of Letters from the Past continuously poses new mysteries, questions and puzzles, providing a thrilling read for any fans of historical fiction, war novels and romance.

I bought this book for my mother for Christmas. She has just finished reading it and she could not put it down.
Fabulous writer! I am so glad that I stopped and bought this in Kidderminster town centre where Keith J Wilson was sat selling his books. He also signed the book for my Mom which makes this gift even more special.
I am trying to find more of his books? I hope he writes anoth book soon as I will be the first to snap it up for my Mother again.

by Rachel Francis

I was bought this book for Christmas from a stall in Worcester. What a great read. Surprises can still be found in unexpectaed places! A thumping good yarn which rattles along like one of Prince Rupert's cavalry charges. When is the next one due!,

by Pete Minall

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