Troubador Jacobite Sons in New South Wales

Released: 28/08/2021

ISBN: 9781800464216

eISBN: 9781800465978

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Jacobite Sons in New South Wales


Jacobite Sons in New South Wales is the last book in the Trilogy that tracks the Lovat family from the devastation of the Jacobite Rebellion in the Scottish Highlands to their resettlement in Australia.

In the first book, Son of a Jacobite, Thomas is born on the day his father is killed at Culloden, marking the defeat by the Scots at the hands of the English. Growing up in Lancashire, he travels to Persia as a young man and discovers Islam. After joining the British Army, he serves in the American Wars, struggling with being a British Officer due to his rebellious Jacobite spirit, one he sees reflected in the American cause. In The Jacobite Grandson, Thomas takes his son, Edward, to Persia where Edward also comes to understand the Islamic world. Edward joins the Royal Navy and travels to New South Wales, struggling like his father with his rebellious heritage, especially as he sees the injustices meted out to the convicts and Indigenous peoples. In Jacobite Sons in New South Wales, Edward’s two sons, Thomas and Charles, migrate permanently to New South Wales, one as a pioneer educator, the other as a pioneer clergyman. It covers their own struggles with the sectarianism and divisions that characterised public and church life in the colony at the time.

Much factual history is inserted into the lives of all the key characters through events and people such as Thomas Jefferson, Sir Joseph Banks, Sir Arthur Philip and later governors of New South Wales. The history is coloured by the love lives, happy and sad, of all the main players.

I have written many academic books and school texts, some 40 in all, with a variety of publishing houses. Springer Nature, Routledge, Peter Lang and Cengage are the main international houses. David Barlow Publishing is the main Australian publisher. Son of a Jacobite is my first novel. The different kind of writing needed for it has been a learning process. My academic writing has helped but I've also been challenged to 'show not tell', instead of telling, which is what academic writing is all about. The venture has taken me to the other side, as it were, the other side of the fascinating thing we call writing.

The book has had a Virtual book launch on Sunday 13th December. Please see the below link to the YouTube recording of the event:

Scottish Field

A powerful concluding volume to the trilogy. At once an historical adventure, it is also filled with well-drawn and believable characters, who strive to find meaning in the lives they live. Many parts were very moving. Other parts - about education, politics, and faith - were thought-provoking. It contains much wisdom. I look forward to further writings from TJ Lovat.

by Phantom (Amazon Reviewer)

Jacobite Sons in New South Wales' is a powerful concluding volume to the trilogy. An excellent historical adventure, with much wisdom and many thought-provoking insights mixed in. Hope there will be more!

by Dr Paul Walker

These books draw you in from the start, so easy to read. Following the history of the Lovat clan was very interesting. I am hoping TJ Lovat has some further books for us to read. Would encourage everyone to purchase these you will not be disappointed.

by Kim Stapleton

The author's passion for his characters and their lives permeates every single page of this vast historical saga. With action shifting between a sedate middle class family estate in the Lancashire mill town of Burnley, to an often impoverished landscape in Catholic Ireland and then to the birth pangs of the British colony in Australia, the author handles an enormous cast of characters splendidly.
I found the theological aspects of the new Australia particularly evocative and compelling. A perfect book for anyone who values the importance of the past.
NetGalley Review. Original review here:

by NetGalley Review

Terry Lovat

I am a retired Professor from Australia. My academic work was mainly in Religion and Education, with a passion for history. I have also become something of a specialist in Islam.

My family roots are in the Scottish Highlands on which I have done much research. This is what inspired my first novel, Son of a Jacobite. When the historical record ran out, I turned to historical fiction. The Jacobite's son grows up in the shadow of his heroic father, travels in his youth to Persia, then Ireland and the Americas during the War of Independence. Much adventure, romance and growing up along the way, all inserted into snippets of live history.

T. J. Lovat
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