Troubador In No Time At All

Released: 28/09/2016

ISBN: 9781785893346

eISBN: 9781838599041

Format: Paperback/eBook

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In No Time At All

(Sequel to Time For Tanechka)


In the sequel to Time for Tanechka, the incomparable Winston Peabody, part-time cat burglar and jewel thief, part-time Dean of a very famous college in Lancashire, is obsessed with the whereabouts of the beautiful Tatiana Nicolaevna and the fabulous Romanov jewels. Winston has been assigned by the Masters Club the seemingly impossible task of finding and rescuing the mysterious Parchment of Life, a religious relic so important that whoever possesses it would have complete control over the whole of humanity. There are two magical egg timers that are capable of transporting their handlers through time. After using one of the egg timers, Winston and his accomplice Charles Henry Smith, are unwittingly forced to experience many unpleasant and even nightmarish situations in order to fulfil Peabody’s own dark desires and those of the enigmatic Masters Club. Meanwhile, Tatiana and her friend Arty possess the other timer and are back in 2014. But before they have time to collect their thoughts their egg timer mysteriously transports them to another time. A price has to be paid for disturbing the equilibrium of time, but who will get there first? Winston Peabody­­­ or Tatiana and Arty? In No Time At All is a rip-roaring fantasy adventure that will appeal to fans of historical fiction as well as those who enjoyed N. A. Millington gripping debut novel Time for Tanechka.

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N. A. Millington

I was born with a full head of hair. Suddenly I realised where I was and it all fell out!

I vividly remember leaving home for the first time. I had packed all I needed, a copy of 'Shadow The Sheep Dog' into a large packing case and then proceeded to trundle down the road to the bus station in order to go where ever Shadow and Johnny were from. They brought me back.

The next time I found my self at the bus station was a year or so later when I was seven, I was looking for destination 'Narnia' I couldn't find it. They brought me back.

The following year I couldn't find the bus that would take me to middle Earth either, so I let them take me back.

Amidst the warm summer of excitement the circus came to town, I was now much more mature so I left with them, but they still brought me back.

The following year the circus visited again. This time I managed to secure employment as a Trapeze Artist, unfortunately during my first show I descended from the wire like a brick and broke my collar bone. With reluctance they brought me back.

It was only when I left town with a band of gypsies that I truly escaped, indeed when I looked for them to take me back I found that they had all runaway with the very same circus! So that was that.

South Africa has always managed to bring me back though, however I will escape for I have recently found a sanctuary by the sea, and beside me here on my writing desk is a beautiful little egg timer.

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