Troubador Ibeji

Released: 16/12/2013

eISBN: 9781783067534

Format: eBook

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Ibeji is a powerful time-slip novel that takes its inspiration from the connections that link each human being to the others.

On a sugar-cane plantation in slave-trade Brazil, an African slave named Yewande bears twin daughters to Bernaldo, the plantation owner.

Constanca does not care that her husband takes his lust to a slave woman’s door for they despise each other, but his mistake is his failure to understand the depth of her malevolence.

Bernaldo is away on business and Constanca, seizing her chance, manipulates the sale of one of the twins and Nilaja, at seven years old, is torn from her family and taken overseas. This single act of perfect cruelty will trigger a sequence of events that reverberates through all of their lives and soars through centuries to resurrect in the present day.

In modern day Brazil, Abebi Boronha has a terrifying premonition that will change her life forever. Five tarot cards fall as she shuffles the deck. She believes the cards foretell the destiny of her beloved, adopted son Luke – but he has secrets of his own…

Ibeji is a multi-layered story that weaves intrigue, history and archaeological science into a sweeping tale that crosses time and continents. It reminds us that the powerful and enduring human need to survive and to live in freedom can triumph over evil; a struggle that is as relevant today as it was then.

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