Troubador Him or You

Released: 28/06/2019

ISBN: 9781789018394

Format: Paperback

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Him or You


Having survived his first months as a fighter pilot, Franz Becker is joined by his close friend Karl von Leussow in autumn 1916. Karl’s marksmanship quickly transfers to his new weapon. Reunited with his older brother, an intense rivalry quickly grows as Karl’s score increases.

Every pilot’s ambition is to shoot down enough enemy aircraft to be awarded the coveted Blue Max – but most will die with a score of zero. Though their Albatros fighters are superior to anything the Allies possess, they are still fragile and flammable. Many men face a fiery death and in some, fear takes a gradually stronger hold.

Franz and Karl are haunted by their bloody experiences of war. But both know that they have to continue fighting until the end, whenever and however that may come.

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