Troubador Here Casts No Shadow

Released: 28/04/2018

ISBN: 9781789013382

eISBN: 9781789011050

Format: Paperback/eBook

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Here Casts No Shadow


Here Casts No Shadow explores the impact of war, exile and trauma on a family and the consequences of a single act of revenge.

This is a story of war and refuge, told from a woman’s perspective. 

Fifteen year old Mira lives a quiet life in the small town of Zazour. Her country of Lyrian is under the grip of a ruthless dictator but the political situation has little impact on Mira’s daily life until she witnesses her brother’s friend, Tam, shot dead in the street. Mira has never had a romantic relationship with Tam but she has always loved him from afar.

As war intensifies and the dictator’s grip hardens, Zazour is bombed and friends disappear. Mira enlists the help of her brother, Kaz, in a terrible act of vengeance for Tam’s death.

Shortly after, the family is forced to flee, surviving hardship and camp life before finally settling in the safety of Neeland, thousands of miles from home. But will Mira’s past now catch up with her and threaten to destroy the life she has built for herself?

Bronwen will be talking about her new novel, 'Here Casts No Shadow,' at the Prnted Matter Bookshop on the 8th May at 6pm, and at the Rye Bookshop, Rye, East Sussex, on the 11th May, also from 6pm. She will talk about the inspiration for the book and her reasons for writing it.

I found myself liking this book quite a bit more than I thought I would. It's mostly because I don't often read about refugee stories that aren't nonfiction. I definitely enjoyed the characters, they felt realistic and definitely made the story entertaining and interesting. It's definitely worth reading.

by Melanie Kimble

Bronwen Griffiths

Bronwen is the author of A Bird in the House (2014) and Not Here, Not Us stories of Syria (2016). Her new novel, 'Here Casts No Shadow' is to be published by Matador at the end of April 2018. Her flash fiction and award-winning short stories have been widely published, and she was recently long-listed for the Bath Novella-in-Flash award. She grew up in the West Midlands but now lives in East Sussex. She has an MA in Creative Writing from Sussex University.

Here Casts No Shadow
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