Troubador Granada Gold

Released: 05/11/2013

ISBN: 9781783060276

Format: Paperback

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Granada Gold


Granada Gold is based on the true story of young Juana Trastamara. During the Granada War, she befriends Lord Edmund Sales, commander of the English longbow archers fighting for Christian Spain. In 1492, Juana’s parents – Queen Isabel and King Fernando – defeat the Moors, expel the Jews, and send Columbus sailing across the Atlantic. These events shatter her tight-knit family.

Rich with Moorish gold, the Trastamaras confront their deadly rivals, the Habsburgs. Juana’s arranged marriage to the womanising Habsburg duke, ‘Phillipe the Handsome’, is a personal disaster. Trapped in an increasingly abusive marriage, Juana has only one place to turn: England. Through Lord Sales, Juana meets Tudor King Henry VII, who falls deeply in love with her. The stage is set for international royal passion, betrayal, and death.

Based on real historical characters, Granada Gold takes readers inside the world of the legendary Alhambra palace. SA Carney – an investigative historian – reveals newly-discovered twists in the Trastamara-Tudor-Habsburg family saga.

This book will appeal to readers captivated by the Tudor era, fans of historical fiction, and lovers of adventure stories in exotic places. SA Carney wrote Granada Gold ‘on location’, personally exploring the places where the novel is set. She is inspired by the works of Philippa Gregory, Wilbur Smith and Hilary Mantel.

SA Carney will be launching her book Granada Gold in London tomorrow, as part of the "Dia E" fiesta at the Cervantes Institute on Eaton Square. She will be giving a half-hour talk & slide presentation about the book, which will be video-taped and available on-line later. She will also be selling books at the event.


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Female First

It's 1491 when Juana's father heads of to battle to fight so the Spanish Christians can take over Granada but a short time later his son Juan gets sick, and he is called back home. Juana and Juan are like twins, though just over a year apart. Juan sticks up for his younger sister, and they even take lessons together, from the best tutors that can be found.

Granada Gold will take you back to fifteenth century Spain and will give you the glimpse of the lives of one royal family. Though this book is fiction, it is very well researched and gives you a very vivid picture of the lives.

If you like historical fiction you will love Granada Gold, it is an excellent read... Hard to put down.

by Michelle R. Kidwell

I found myself drawn into Juana's story! I wanted her to succeed and be happy. I'm sorry, though, that it was not to be. I'd read another book by S.A. Carney.

by Adrian M. Raskulinecz

I thoroughly enjoyed 'Granada Gold'. The story was told in a style that drew you in and carried you along. Although I knew some of the history of Spain and its kings around this time, S A Carney filled me in with so much detail, it was quite fascinating.

I can't wait for the sequel as I want to find out what happens to our feisty heroine and the evil people who surround her next...

by Wendy Salisbury

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