Troubador Gallipoli Guns

Released: 28/07/2015

ISBN: 9781784623425

Format: Paperback

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Gallipoli Guns


The World War I battle for control of the Dardanelles strait was fought mainly on Gallipoli Peninsula in?Turkey, with countless casualties. In Gallipoli Guns, we see the battle being fought from two points of view:?the defending Turks, and the attacking troops. The fighting on the peninsula lasted through most of 1915. It was a campaign of bravery, heroism, foolishness and tragedy. The Anzac troops landed on the wrong beach but fought valiantly against overwhelming odds. The Turkish troops, led in part by German officers, had command of the heights above the landing beaches. Adil, a Turkish farmer, and his fellow snipers are a constant threat. Billy, one of the many British soldiers, has to fight his way up the ravines to face the enemy. Building trenches is a major part of life for Billy. As the soldiers fight each other, not only are they battling the opposing side, but also their own consciences, too, as they start to wonder just what they’re fighting for. The attacks from the trenches to gain a few yards are paid for with numerous injuries and many deaths. Then there is the difficult task of attempting the retreat from Gallipoli... Gallipoli Guns is a gripping work of historical fiction that will appeal to children aged eight to twelve.

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