Troubador From One Hell to Another

Released: 28/08/2019

ISBN: 9781789018813

eISBN: 9781838599133

Format: Paperback/eBook

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From One Hell to Another


From Fascist Spain, to war again  

After a gruelling escape through the Pyrenees snow from the horrors of the Spanish civil war, Carmen and her Spanish family settle in the apparent peace of southern France. But relief is short-lived. Within months, France, too, is plunged into war – and, worse, a rapid defeat. 

Under the control of Hitler’s puppet Vichy regime, the region is plagued by starvation, restrictions and atrocities, especially against Jews, propelling Carmen to join the Spanish – now bolstering the French resistance. With the help of the British S.O.E, and against huge odds, they win a spectacular victory over the Germans. 

Based on true but largely untold events, this sweeping adventure is a heady mix of romance, horror, betrayal and warfare.

SUR in English

Association of Jewish Refugees Journal

The Connexion

I was surprised to know that this story was based on real events. Really cool. It was pleasure read for people who want to see II world war from quite different perspective.

by Katarzyna

A great book, first and foremost a thoroughly enjoyable read, indeed a compulsive page turner. However for me the pleasure of reading it was immeasurably heightened by the authenticity in bringing alive the hopes, fears and trauma of those who had to play out their ill informed rural lives in these cataclysmic times.

Hats off to the authors fantastic research and skill in excitingly weaving together the facts of living in war time Vichy France with great characters both real and fictional and culminating in this remarkable and previously unrecorded David and Goliath battle between simple rural patriots and German military might.

It deserves not just 5 stars but 5 medals!

by Amazon review

A gripping story of love, friendship and hope in the darkest of places.
Liz Cowley creates realistic characters and situations that keep you turning the pages.

by Kelly

Surprised to see this was based on true events.

A thriller story that is captivating. in From One Hell to Another, we find Carmen and her Spanish family settling in southern France, However, soon war comes knocking and with Hitler's arrival comes starvation, restrictions and atrocities.

The author is able to intertwine devastation, horror, betrayal and romance to make this a great novel.

by NetGalley review

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