Troubador Fragment of Truth

Released: 28/02/2015

eISBN: 9781784627119

Format: eBook

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Fragment of Truth


An ancient prediction will rock the modern world... Almost six thousand years ago – before the wheel, before paper – sages predicted that in the 6th part of the 6th millennium humanity would begin to tap into a well of infinite wisdom. The prediction was recorded in the Zohar, an ancient 13th century writing containing the words of sages from millennia past. Hazael, his grandfather Aaron and a Buddhist monk Vajrayogini dedicate their lives to studying and analyzing mathematical structures within these texts, certain that at a point in time sophisticated computers will be able to produce coherent patterns of information that will resolve into a beautifully simple explanation of our raison d’etre. At the point where some clarity becomes apparent, Vajrayogini co-opts two additional mathematicians, Jewish and Muslim, to help them fast track the project. Their groundbreaking work is to air publicly for the first time at an international conference in Jerusalem. But is the world ready for what the texts have to say? Fragment of Truth is a thrilling work of adult fiction that begins in 1948 but concerning the present day and the imminent future.

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