Troubador Fracture

Released: 28/01/2022

ISBN: 9781803130316

eISBN: 9781800466609

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It is 1961 and General de Gaulle has returned to lead France as the war in Algeria reaches its climax.

Kim Cho is an investigative reporter on the Paris Tribune. Cambodian and beautiful, she confronts the trauma of the French nation as Algerian independence looms. The authorities want to keep secret the real reason for the crash of an express train from Strasburg to Paris. Kim’s search for the truth confronts her with forces working to hold onto Algeria - which is part of France even though on the other side of the Mediterranean.

Henri de Rochefort, career officer in the French Foreign Legion, faces the dilemma of whether to embrace an army mutiny as the price of saving from retribution the Arab forces he has trained to serve France. The planned military takeover of Algeria is the moment of decision for Henri and the harki families he is pledged to rescue.

Justine Müller, left-wing deputy in the National Assembly, is recruited by the Gaullist government to bridge the gap between the ordinary people of Paris and the ruthless forces of security, as invasion from North Africa threatens. Justine holds a secret she intends to use against the most powerful and ruthless police chief in France.

Leo Beckendorf, ex-German paratrooper, finds himself complicit in a plot that can lead to the death penalty as General de Gaulle, once more leader of France, struggles to close the fault line that the threatened loss of Algeria is opening up across his nation. Kim, Henri, Justine and Leo are challenged to compromise their consciences as events unfold that fracture French society and threaten assassination and civil war.

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The book is set in 1961 and General de Gaulle has returned to lead France as the war in Algeria reaches new levels. The book follows several other characters, such as an investigative reporter, an officer in the French Foreign Legion, a National Assembly deputy, and an ex-German paratrooper. The group is challenged to test their moral lines and consciences as events unfold that tear apart French society. de Gaulle is threatened with assassination and civil war threatens to break out in France. The story jumped around between the characters but was still easy to follow. I learned a lot about historical events I was very unfamiliar with prior to reading the book.

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This novel gets right to the heart of the rupture to French society caused by the trauma of Algerian independence. It plunges straight into the action, whilst deftly filling in the historical context. The threads of the plot are carefully woven, building to a satisfying climax – with a twist. Well written, it is an interesting and entertaining read.


In his writing David Longridge has the knack of inserting fictional characters into real settings and historical events. Years ago one could always rely on writers like Eric Ambler and Lionel Davidson to produce credible and compelling espionage thrillers. David Longridge shares their vast talent and continues to grow in stature as one of the best thriller writers working today. Anyone with an interest in modern history should add this thought-provoking novel to their bookshelves.

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David Longridge

David Longridge is a writer with a wealth of experience and success in the real world.

After school he worked for, and became, Chief Executive of Avis International, then second largest car rental company globally. That was followed by a long stint in investment banking in the City of London. On retirement, he decided to release his creativity by writing books that were fictional, but in an historical setting of a period he loved.

David lived and worked in Paris in the 1960's, including assignments to Algiers and the Sahara. "Fracture" is his fourth novel, in which he has woven his story around the real facts of what happened in France and Algeria when they separated. These were the most drastic times in French history. Times of total devastation, bombs in Paris, terrorism, espionage, betrayal, assassinations, fear, and brutal revenge on a scale unseen since the French Revolution of 1789. These are the locations and timeframe when the events in "Fracture" take place.

David has a strong interest in French political and military history, this being the foundation for the four novels he has written to date. He works from his home in Malmesbury, England, with his wife Anna who is a practising artist.

David Longridge

David Longridge
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