Troubador Footsteps in the Dew

Released: 28/06/2017

eISBN: 9781838597511

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Footsteps in the Dew

Tales from the Chimney Corner


Footsteps in the Dew is a novel which details the social history of rural Ireland between the two World Wars. In days when the immediacy of television was unavailable, the richness of human speech was the main source of daily entertainment.

These tales are written in a similar lyrical language as used by a past generation of storytellers. They range from the uniqueness of family law to tales of heroes, adventurers and even murderers. There is a dichotomy expressed in the role of men and women towards nationalism, the gentry, the clergy and also alternative faiths (e.g. Protestantism and Quakerism).
The freedom of men is noticeable (for it is only the men who spin tales)?in contrast to the yearly struggles of women and childbearing. One tale includes the stain of illegitimacy and the ostracising of the young girl to lifelong ‘laundry work’ with the nuns. As might be expected, the book ends with a tale of romantic love ­– of reconciliation and jubilation.

I am using two publicists to make my writing well known in both America and Australia (as well as the publicity given me in the UK and Ireland by Troubador).
I have two adverts and reviews appearing at the end of May in The Nenagh Guardian and The Tipperary Star newspapers.
I have two book-signings in Nenagh and Thurles, the major north Tipperary towns.
I am doing a Q/A session about my book in early February and it should appear on U-tube.

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Edward Forde Hickey

I am a retired head teacher, having taught in Inner London schools for almost 40 years.

I studied Classics at London University and I took my M.A.(Curriculum Studies) at Goldsmith College, London.

I have been happily married for 43 years and we have 3 fine sons.

I spent my early years in Tipperary.

I have a small farm in The Silvermines Mountains (Tipperary) and I visit it frequently.

Edward Forde Hickey

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