Troubador Father War

Released: 28/04/2021

ISBN: 9781800462724

Format: Paperback

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Father War


A long-forgotten jungle campaign takes on new life in the troubled mind of John Spenser, a missing soldier’s son. 

Determined to restore the reputation of the scape-goated general who led the campaign, Spenser comes across a figure large enough to fill the shoes of his absent father. 

Out of the distant past, that "missing" soldier shows up hoping to heal old wounds, a homecoming that does not end well – for him, his son, or the woman he left behind. 

“It’s not every day that I read a story about a man on the run with his recently deceased wife’s ashes on the shotgun seat of a rental car, but Tom Doherty’s swift, engrossing novel about a guy for whom life has proceeded mostly without complications – until he finds himself reckoning with his own damaging history – is a page-turner with the feel of an instant classic.” 

-- Susanna Daniel, author of the PEN award winning novel, STILTSVILLE. 

“With one master-stroke after another, Thomas Doherty paints a picture so engaging and framed with such modest eloquence, that FATHER WAR reads like a compact, Americanized WAR AND PEACE. Whether writing about jungle combat, horse cavalry drills in the 1930s, or the denizens of a long-abandoned army training camp, Doherty is unflinchingly observant and psychologically at his characters’ very hearts.” 

-- Eric Larsen, author of AN AMERICAN MEMORY, winner of the Chicago Tribune’s Heartland Prize.

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