Troubador Etive

Released: 28/11/2022

ISBN: 9781803135212

Format: Paperback

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Laura’s quiet life in the wilds of Scotland is thrown into disarray one night, and so begins a whirlwind quest for her identity.

Her search leads to the uncovering of a mysterious wartime liaison which is intriguing but disturbing as she learns of loving relationships which were kindled, fuelled and destroyed by the horrors of war.

Lives shrouded in secrecy are exposed as the revelations of life in World War Two Cairo leads Laura on a heady voyage of discovery to Germany and Greece slowly raising the veil on her family’s inexplicable and turbulent past. Yet through it all will Laura ever truly find what she is looking for?

Ultimately unravelling the timeless conundrum that love is a very splendid thing!

Morgan the Travel - 'From the Topic of Cancer to the Tropic of Capricorn'

Brushes with the law, near death experiences, part of a Guinness world record, this autobiographical travel memoir 'Morgan the Travel' is packed with travel anecdotes, historical facts and stories from his varied life in over 50 years of travelling at home and abroad, many of which as a travel industry professional. Travelling has changed immeasurably since his introduction to the travel world at the tender age of 17.

Close to death on more than one occasion travelling has enhanced his knowledge and cultural understanding of the world we live in. Ron has learned much, not least of which about himself, it is fair to say travel has shaped his life. Come and explore his lifelong safari of discovering the wonderful world we live in.

Ronald D Morgan published his first novel 'Don't bring me Flowers' in 2018. In which Billy Williams embarks on an odyssey into the mysterious wartime past of his late father, bringing surprising consequences.

Billy's quest for the truth leads him all over the world from the home countries of Wales and Scotland to South East Asia, Australia, and Japan, where he unearths heart-wrenching stories of bravery, sacrifice, love and survival during World War II in Southeast Asia.

It's a roller coaster of discovery, new relationships and leads to unimaginable changes in Billy's life. This thought-provoking and dramatic tale is available in E-book and paperback on the Amazon store.

In 2019 the author's first children's book 'A Christmas MIracle' was published. This heart-warming festive tale is guaranteed to lift the spirits. Set in the 1930s in a South Walian hill village it tells the tale of a heroic act and the wonderful community efforts of two small boys Dennis and Roy and their faithful dog Lucky! Available on Etsy

Ron is currently working on a few literary projects including his second novel, another historical fiction offering based around present day and world war II and also researching the biography of an enigmatic lady who worked for the Special Operations executive in Cairo during WWII.

Recently Ron has written a series of children's stories based on the wonderful canine duo of Toggle the steady and true black labrador and her sidekick Tarka the adventurous cocker spaniel. It is hoped the first book in the series of The Adventures of Toggle and Tarka will be published around Christmas 2021

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Ronald D Morgan

Ron was born in Shrewsbury England and has lived and worked in the United Kingdom most of his life interspersed with stints in the U.S.A. and Canada. Ron has travelled extensively, tour managing groups worldwide, and running his own travel company, Ron Morgan Travel until 2001.

He was a teacher of travel, tourism and business for over twenty years and a Green Badge guide to tourists around the medieval town of Shrewsbury.

Since 1995 Ron and his wife Dianne have also devoted time to the charitable fund they founded, Dreamcatcher Children, which brightens the lives of chronically and terminally ill children and their families.

Ron & Dianne continue to live in Shrewsbury as Ron now writes full time, whilst still travelling and watching his beloved local football team Shrewsbury town and of course, reading books whenever he can. A keen sportsman who loves to be trekking the hills and mountains of the world.

Ron and Dianne have 5 children between them based in the UK and Australia

If you would like to connect with Ron, he would be very happy to hear from you: D Morgan D [email protected]

Always ready to tackle the next mountain

Relaxing on the beach of the Ocean of life!
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