Troubador Duty

Released: 02/01/2014

ISBN: 9781783062362

Format: Paperback

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A story of love, loyalty and the winds of war


Duty is intricate, historical fiction, set before, during and after WW1, which entwines the lives of two very different families over the tumultuous changes occurring in British society. It will appeal to readers who enjoy family sagas, coupled with true events and strong characterisation.

Despite the class divide, Artie and Charles share all their boyhood secrets and a unique bond, which isn’t always understood. The story focuses and juxtaposes the lives of the two boys and their families, through their traumatic births, poverty, social conventions, adversity, loyalty, love and ultimately war. This moving story is set against the social and political changes of the early 20th century, the rise of the Labour Party, suffragettes and the consequences of war, which would change their lives forever....

Joan Rowe spoke about her new book, DUTY, to an appreciative audience at South Queensferry Library on January 25th. Alistair McEwen, researcher and curator of online archive, 'Edinburgh's War' was an interested listener.Joan gave a very successful talk and signed books at Blackwells, Sheffield University on 9th February..talks with book groups in Edinburgh are planned.

A wonderful story with vivid characterisation, fascinating historical backdrop and setting, and an exciting pace through the lives of these people. You can't put it down, in order to discover what happens next! Really sets the age in context in terms of families and social history. A great read.

by Rebecca Weir

Really enjoyed DUTY, a page-turner. Couldn't wait to see what happened to your very good cast of people.Appreciated intelligent setting setting in its era, issues of the day i.e. 'Ellice' (suffragette). Warmth without sentimentality and sad but an inspiring ending. Well done!

by janet vout

It was such a lovely story - I couldn't put it down.

by Fiona Morison

I have just finished reading DUTY. I have thoroughly enjoyed it. It certainly makes you realise how lucky we are these days.

by Val Clarke

Thoroughly enjoyed reading this story and was thrilled that my bookshop in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada was able to find a copy for me.

by Kay McKerchar

Gotta love this wonderful author who communicates a fascinating story in the most intriguing way. It's your Duty to read this entertaining bio-history-romance in a way that will enthrall you.

by Frank Baldock, Toronto, Canada

Really enjoyed reading this book. I wanted it to go on and on. I hope there will be a sequel. Val Akhtar

by val akhtar

Duty - an honest to goodness epic family tale! Jill Owner of 'Far from the madding crowd' bookshop in Linlithgow, Nr.Edinburgh

by Jill

Fascinating story. At times it made the hairs on the back of my head bristle. It brought back many memories of wartime.Ian Goadby

by Ian Goadby

It's terrific, especially with all the researching you undertook, which meant I learnt a lot. It would make such a good film. I look forward to the next novel (or sequel?) Congratulations Jane B

by jane blackie

I really loved your book. I can't wait for you to finish the sequel, Caitriona Campbell - First year English student Heriot Watt University.

by caitriona Campbell

Joan Rowe

Joan Rowe gave a well attended and very successful talk about her novel 'DUTY' at Morningside Library, Edinburgh on Wednesday 23rd April.The Edinburgh Reporter reviewed the talk. Go to to read the full article and view the photographs.

In the early summer, Joan gave a talk to an enthusiastic audience at Blackhall Library, Edinburgh. They loved the book and the stories of WWI characters and, on such a hot evening, they enjoyed the watermelon and juice!!

Do please visit Joan's facebook page JOAN ROWE- AUTHOR where you will learn about Joan's six year search for living relatives of the WW1 navy writer, whose diary had sparked the idea for DUTY.

Joan Rowe, speaking with audience member Alistair McEwen.
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