Troubador Dreams Can Come True

Released: 02/04/2011

ISBN: 9781848765955

Format: Paperback

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Dreams Can Come True


Twenty years have passed since Maggie settled with Jack in A Woman Undefeated. Now Jack wishes to return to Ireland for a nostalgic visit. Maggie is reluctant to make the trip, not wishing to invoke painful memories and concerned about leaving her now thriving business.However, putting her concerns aside she travels to Ireland with Jack. Once there they find themselves embroiled in dramatic events in the still troubled land Caught up in the troubles as British Soldiers search for Irish dissidents, Maggie and Jack learn that travelling in the Irish countryside is fraught with danger... In Dreams Can Come True Vivienne Dockerty continues the enticing tale of Maggie.

Ms. Dockerty outdoes herself writing this scandalous tome about the continued adventures of Maggie, our heroine in the first book of this series, "A Woman Undefeated". I enjoyed the first book very much. It built Maggie's character as being very strong through every obstacle as she immigrated and created a life to be proud of in a new and unfriendly land.

This book picks up where the last one left off, some twenty years later, telling the tales of an older, wiser Maggie and the next generation. Maggie is in a much different position in life, but never forgets from whence she came. Money has come to her through all her hard work. Love is harder and much more complicated. Acts that come from the heart can often have difficult consequences. Maggie and her family teach us these hard lessons. The characters in this book leaped off the page and into my heart as they strove to make their lives happy and prosperous. I could not believe it when I got to the last page. I thought,"What? It can't be over yet!" Ms. Dockerty left me wanting more. I truly hope she writes another sequel to this tale.

If you enjoy scandal, adversity and complicated relationships in your reading, "Dreams Can Come True" delivers just that and leaves you wanting more.

by Cathy Knowles

Vivienne Dockerty

I previously lived on the Wirral, Merseyside and have been inspired to write historical sagas based on various members of my ancestry who lived in the area. Now living in Greater Manchester I enjoy meeting people at the various events I attend to sell my books. My latest book A Deceitful Man, set in Bolton, is selling very well.


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