Troubador Designs of a Gentleman

Released: 28/02/2019

ISBN: 9781789016581

eISBN: 9781789013078

Format: Paperback/eBook

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Designs of a Gentleman

The Darker Years


Presenting the prequels to the well-received Philip Devalle series, Designs of a Gentleman: The Early Years and The Darker Years introduce the adventurous character we know and love right back at the beginning! 

The Darker Years - Tensions are running high in King Charles II’s court when Philip Devalle returns to England after spending four years in France. He finds the devious Earl of Shaftesbury attempting to seize power by plotting to make the Duke of Monmouth, Charles’ illegitimate son, the heir to the throne in place of his Catholic uncle, James. He enlists Philip’s help in the enterprise but as he gets drawn deeper into the web of intrigue, Philip finds his very life is in jeopardy. He has never run from danger but as he grows more and more involved in what has become known as the Popish Plot he begins to question whether the cause for which he fights is truly worthy of his talents or his honour – or his life.

I will be taking part in The Brighton and Hove Book Fayre on Saturday 23rd November, at the Unitarian Church, Brighton 10 - 4 p.m.

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Judith Thomson

Brought up in Lincolnshire, Judith studied Art in Leicester before moving to Sussex, where she still lives.

She is passionate about the seventeenth century and has gained much inspiration from visits to Paris and Versailles. She has written several stories based around actual events of the period, set in both England and France, and following the lives of some of the same characters.

She likes to paint, enjoys boating on the French canals and scuba diving in the Red Sea. She has helped on a local archaeological dig and enjoys exploring the ancient landscape of Britain as well as following Native American trails in the deserts of southwest U.S.A.

Judith has a blogsite, where she posts, amongst other things, a monthly blog entitled 350 years ago this month, based on the diaries of Samuel Pepys. She also has a website and is a Goodreads Author.

Judith Thomson
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