Troubador Death by Misadventure

Released: 28/08/2020

eISBN: 9781800467385

Format: eBook

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Death by Misadventure


World War II is over. Jobs have been found or reclaimed from women by American servicemen returning from Europe and the economy is booming. It is the ‘buy now and pay later’ 1950’s. 

Young New Yorker, Rose Pinner, goes with old friends on a winter vacation – all expenses paid. The destination? It’s a swish hotel in Palm Beach, Florida – calm, serene and relaxing or maybe not. She meets a grieving widow and her British nephew, struggling to recover lost property. Rose is a sensible young woman, keen to avoid danger, intrigue and fleeting short-term relationships. How well does she succeed?

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Hillary James

Hillary James is the writer of four novels for people who enjoy light-hearted historical fiction focused on crime, murder or mishap. These follow the fortunes of the same central character, Rose Pinner, a young New Yorker finding her way in a sometimes hostile world. She starts out taking a vacation in Palm Beach, Florida in the first novel, DEATH BY MISADVENTURE and then finds herself in Great Britain for three more adventures, DEATH BY THE EXE, THE MEMORY PRESS, and ROSE IN YORKSHIRE.

Though born and raised in The United States, Hillary lives in Northumbria in The United Kingdom and tries not to brag about its compelling scenery and fascinating past. She is an avid reader, a sometime painter and a poor but enthusiastic pianist.

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