Troubador Counting the Cost

Released: 28/01/2017

ISBN: 9781785899133

Format: Paperback

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Counting the Cost


Maria knows, from bitter experience, that a woman alone must do what she can to survive. Ten years ago, her life was in ruins, and she would have died but for the help of a gypsy herbalist in her time of need. Afterwards, she vowed to restore her good name and reputation, and if it took subterfuge to achieve, so be it.

Since then Maria has, by sacrificing her youthful looks, become Miss Dinchope, housekeeper, the epitome of primness and virtue. Her past is forgotten but she has learned that respectability has many faces; some of which hide dark secrets and intrigues that are every bit as threatening as her own experience.

Although she wishes to move on to better things, anger, an emotion she contrives to hide, drives her to protect the vulnerable servants for which she has responsibility. One little pauper child in particular, a new housemaid, touches an inexplicable chord of memory.

A foundling at birth, Nell Walcote accepts her lowly place in village life, and tries to ignore the attention her tawny curls attract. She knows that she is different, but cannot explain how she is able to learn her letters and numbers while others struggle to understand. She attends school because Mrs Lucinda Grimble declares it must be so – and no one argues with the farmer’s wife.

Forced to seek work at the age of ten, Nell meets Miss Dinchope, the housekeeper at Hillend Rectory. Engaged for a month’s trial, she responds well to a disciplined routine, but finds that while some servants pretend friendship, malice is their intent.

Receptive to atmosphere, she senses dark undercurrents in the clerical household, and people in authority who purport to be what they are not. She feels apprehensive, but how can she leave when there is nowhere to go, and what chance has a foundling of acquiring work elsewhere?

While Miss Dinchope holds fast to her wish to escape, Maria knows that having risen above adversity; she must train the girl for a better place in service, and, to avoid the problems that she encountered as a girl, insists that Nell avoids men... But will her guidance be enough?

A heart-warming story, which gives a rare insight into the lives of women to whom kindness, honesty and friendship mean more than money and social class. The second part of an interlinking series, which is filled with love, loss, life and laughs.

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Those who enjoyed Jemima Brigges' debut novel, Brothers at Arms, will find plenty to relish in her second novel, Counting the Cost.
The story follows the misfortunes of Maria, an unmarried young girl who has become pregnant in an era of moral servitude. Critically ill following the birth, she believes her child has died, so seeks to restore her good name and reputation. At the same time, a baby found in a church a few miles away is adopted by a family of paupers. Some years later, Maria, having achieved a position of authority is drawn to help a pauper child, employed as a house maid, to seek a better life.
The narrative is propelled along swiftly and remains powerful and engrossing. The characters are well developed and brought to life in a realistic and memorable way. By expanding upon the story started in Brothers at Arms, Ms Brigges' burgeoning saga not only promises a rich and rewarding story, but also delivers a very human story set against the backdrop of the social hierarchies of Georgian England.
Rating 5/5

by Julian L

Jemima Brigges

Jemima Brigges, an exiled Salopian, combines a love of the county of her birth, history of the Georgian era in fiction and fact, with a fascination of the English class system on both sides of the social divide; a facet, which emerged during research of her own family history.

Her passion for writing began in childhood, but was set aside until early retirement from a career in nursing, midwifery, teaching and alternative therapy, gave her the time and opportunity to undertake a writing course. Thus achieved, the concept of the Linmore series was born; one that alternates between the gentry and working class folk, whose lives are inextricably linked within a fictitious rural community amongst the rugged Shropshire Hills and winding country lanes that Jemima wandered as a child.

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