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Released: 22/04/2016

eISBN: 9781785896323

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Coffin Corner


It's the dawn of a new decade: 1960. Archie, a young RAF pilot looking for pastures new, gets a job with an airline based in Singapore. His older colleagues are of the war-time generation, trained to complete the mission, almost regardless of cost. But it's now peacetime and the new mantra is maximum safety.

Unfortunately, the tools of the aviation trade in the early 1960s were primitive by today's standards. Scarcely a week went by without the wreckage of an airliner appearing on the front pages. Archie's initial workplace was the Bristol Britannia, a sedate looking aircraft that hid some of the strangest designs ever to grace the skies. Add the constant threat of the tropical rainbelt and you have an environment that can hardly be described as friendly.

This is a story of people who worked in the 'teenage years' of the airline industry: the pilots, engineers and cabin crew; the entrepreneur who got the airline off the ground; the ageing aviatrix, with progressive ideas, in charge of personnel. It's also a story of the struggle to rebuild Singapore after the ravages of war; and to navigate the thorny path from being a colony to independence.

The action radiates from the airline's base at Singapore: to Calcutta, Karachi, Phuket, Darwin and Australian outback. Finally, Archie has to face a problem that still tests pilots 50 years on: Coffin Corner.

Rolf has five e-books available on Amazon, most also as paperbacks. They are:

No.1 "Last Weiss", set in Nazi Germany and Norway during the final year of WW2.

No.2 "Coffin Corner" follows the fortunes of a new airline in 1960s Singapore.

No.3. "Bear Bugger Cruise" goes to the Caribbean, where a man is reported overboard, but no one is apparently missing.

No.4. "Night Watchman" combines aviation and Westminster politics.

No.5. "Road to Mandalay starts in the French Alps, but a cyber problem takes us much further afield.

No.6. Available from early 2019 will be"Stasiland", the eastern part Unified Germany, where political extremism is on the rise.

5*: Rolf Richardson has written a high octane tale of adventure, love, excitement, exploration and danger which charges along at a rollicking pace! An often exotic tour of far-flung locations aboard the Bristol Britannia and, latterly, the state of the art Boeing 707 leaves the reader educated, exhilarated and fascinated. Richardson's characters are beautifully painted with a vocabulary of limitless depth. Surprises and amusement lie at the turn of every page. Coffin Corner provides breathless, brilliant entertainment. Superb.

by Matt

5*: From the start it is clear that the author has lived this life or something close to it. I imagine it to be historically accurate and it is very easy to be led through those exciting days of aviation. Take airlines like easyjet for granted? You won't anymore when you have read this book.

by Kevin Doyle

A superbly written book which I really enjoyed. Would recommend it to all and especially to anyone with an interest in aviation. The inclusion of some love and romance made it a wonderful read. - well done Rolf Richardson.

by Amazon Customer

Rolf Richardson

An airline pilot for 25 years, after that a travel photographer and cruise lecturer, Rolf has spent his life in the travel business, with some 110 countries in his log book.

Time now to write about some of those places and he has chosen the popular route of 'faction': fictional stories set in factual places and events. His aim is an easy read, a mix of adventure, romance and history

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