Troubador Cockles and Muscles

Released: 28/03/2018

ISBN: 9781788032858

Format: Paperback

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Cockles and Muscles


Set in a rural Welsh village in the late 1950s comes a romantic comedy with great historical detail and larger than life characters that will make you laugh out loud!


John Prosser has potential. Everyone knows this - except John, whose indolence and lack of self-confidence hamper his progress. He constantly requires a ‘kick up the backside’, sometimes from his hardworking parents, and sometimes from Miss ‘Smarty Pants’, Heulwen Hughes, a cerebral beauty he is captivated by whenever circumstances push them together. Despite this, John shows little sign of wanting to move on. There’s security to be had in the close-knit Welsh village of Brynteilo, its occupants numbering various branches of his extended family, and the host of eccentric and badly-behaved characters provide more than enough amusement. Further still, John feels a need to help his ageing parents - and a need for the coffin-maker’s daughter and village temptress, Rianna Lewis...


Finally John makes the break and finds success, professionally and romantically, both in his home country and abroad. But life is determined to throw him a few curveballs along the way!


A romantic comedy with a difference, Cockles and Muscles attempts to recreate the living conditions of the late 1950s, and aims to represent the Welsh people’s hard but interesting lives from that period before those voices are lost.

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