Troubador Broken Skies

Released: 20/02/2020

eISBN: 9781838598327

Format: eBook

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Broken Skies

Ouroboros Book One


Twelve thousand years ago, a comet smashed into Earth.

Years passed. The world began to recover. Powerful shamans ensured such a catastrophe would never happen again. They failed.

Livia is the last of those shamans. The world is again crumbling around her, and she descends into the darkest realms of spirit to find the way to save her dying homeland.

But every gift has its price, and Livia finds the answers she seeks because she is willing to pay that price. And now it seems the consequences will destroy everything she wanted to save.

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Hannah Spencer

Hannah Spencer has been writing visionary, historical and paranormal fiction and non-fiction for several years in between working on a dairy sheep farm where hours in the milking parlour offer much scope for thinking up story ideas. She is the author of several novels and short stories as well as two local history books.

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