Troubador Beyond the Shadows

Released: 28/04/2014

eISBN: 9781784626686

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Beyond the Shadows


Beyond the Shadows by Beryl Armstrong is the gripping sequel to the popular saga Where Shadows Fall (Book Guild Publishing, 2008). Drama, conflict and romance follows the Herrington family as they struggle through the increasingly intense World War II. The Herrington family, who reside in New Zealand, are threatened by the Japanese onslaught throughout the Pacific Ocean. Tom Herrington’s son Jack, who is captain of a merchant ship, is caught up in the disastrous Pearl Harbour attack. In a later battle he is taken hostage. When his ship is captured by the Japanese, Jack fears for his life. Luckily he finds a way to escape using the knowledge of his father’s ancient secret – but that’s not the only secret the Herrington family have...

The theft of two prized, thoroughbred horses triggers consequences far beyond the Herrington family’s imagination. As Tom searches for the lost animals, he stumbles across a lifeless body in a cave in the New Zealand foothills. How could the horses disappear from the remote sheep station? And, more accurately, who stole them? And why was a body abandoned in a cave? As the mysterious plot unfolds, life will never be the same for the Herrington family. They hoped that the remote sheep station in the unforgiving outback would allow them to finally escape their past, but destiny has its own agenda and history has a nasty habit of repeating itself. The deadly secret that Tom had endeavoured to keep hidden slowly unwinds and presents further emotional turmoil for the family...


The theft of two prized thoroughbred horses triggers consequences beyond all proportion. How could they disappear from a remote sheep station in the foothills of New Zealand’s Southern Alps?
During the search, Tom Herrington discovers a body in a cave. From this one incident life is never the same for the Herrington family. Drama, conflict, passion and revenge unfold a deadly secret from the past that Tom had endeavoured to keep hidden.
WW2 is raging all over Europe and New Zealand is threatened by the Japanese onslaught throughout the Pacific Ocean. Tom’s son, Jack, is captain of a merchant ship. He and his sister are caught up in the Pearl Harbour attack. When Japanese submarines capture his ship, he finds a way to escape using knowledge gleaned from his father’s secret, dating back to 1895.
Throughout the war years the Herrington family keep a united front to survive this and every problem thrown at them.

This is the Sequel to the popular saga, Where Shadows Fall, that is still available in hardback from my blog

Book three of this four book family saga will be available soon with book 4 to follow. The complete 4 sagas cover one family throughout the whole of the 20th century. Every generation has its own story to tell so each of the books stand alone.

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Beryl Armstrong

Beryl Armstrong was born in New Zealand but moved to England in her infancy. Her family were constantly on the move, in search of work and accommodation, so her own schooling was continually interrupted, before she settled at High School in Bournemouth. She then worked in a dispensary for eight years before her children were born. After a two-year tour of India she became an award-winning amateur filmmaker and wrote her first novel. After this she wrote many more novels that were rarely submitted. As cine gave way to video she changed course and became an expert dolls’ house maker. She has since published two books on the subject and regularly writes for trade magazines. Her fascination for Pacific Islands and especially New Zealand inspired her to write Where Shadows Fall. The best of her previous novels are also in the process of revision.

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Beryl Armstrong
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