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Released: 11/06/2019

ISBN: 9781789018400

eISBN: 9781838599386

Format: Paperback/eBook

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Angles or Angels?

To unite a kingdom, a family will be divided forever


Late 6th century Britain. 

Regional kingdoms are engaged in a ruthless struggle for supremacy. To the south, Saxon kings predominate but, in the north, British leaders are combining in a final effort to overthrow their two Angle rivals in Deira and Bernicia. To survive, the Angle warlords must put aside their ancient rivalry. 

Acha, daughter of one king is chosen to act as ‘peace-weaver’ by marrying the rival leader. But when her intended husband kills her father and disinherits her young brother, she has to choose between her lover, her family and her duty to the wider kin. 

Against a backdrop of military campaigns that decide the shape of northern Britain, this story follows the personal tragedies that force siblings into rival camps. The outcome may be a united kingdom but families will be divided forever.

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"It was amazing. Absolutely gorgeous book - Highly recommended - A Must Read!"
"A highly enjoyable read with a serious theme.
"A tour de force! Very convincing flavour of Anglo Saxon Britain."
"I will be recommending this book to everyone- I don't usually have time to read much but this kept me staying up late."
"I read the book on Kindle and much enjoyed it. Congratulations on producing a great piece of historical writing inter-woven with a romantic adventure story."

Loved it! An epic series in the making - move over Vikings, the Anglo-Saxons are coming!
Looking forward to more from David Stokes.

by Melisende

This is a book that any British interested their origins should read.
If you enjoyed Cornwell's Uhtred series this insight into the earlier Angle settlement of the north of England is a must.
Well done David Stokes a compelling and educational read, looking forward to the next book.

by Terence Faithfull

It is probably the most compelling of its genre that I have read and I really like this genre. I absolutely loved this book. Thank goodness for authors like Dr. Stokes for bringing history alive - history that I knew very little about before. I cared about the characters and couldn't put it down! Looking forward with some trepidation to the follow up - won't say why as it could spoil the ending!

by Colin Gross

In what now is Northumbria in the north of England in 6th century Britain there were two kingdoms: Deira ruled by old king Aele and Bernicia ruled by the young king Æthelfrith. The Romans have left the island two centuries ago and in Deira people do not even remember them and think that the big stone buildings in York are build by giants. Building houses in stone and writing, it is all forgotten. Those areas are populated by immigrants from north Germany called the Angles.

In the West and the North the old British kingdoms and the Picts still prevail with some help from their Gaul cousins in Ireland. Bernicia an Deira are rivals but with the old British kingdoms in Scotland and Wales as enemies who want to overthrow them the two kingdoms must unite. Acha, daughter of one king is chosen to act as ‘peace-weaver’ by marrying the rival leader. But before she can do so Æthelfrith marries a princess from the North who is part Pictish.

I really liked the book. The story is well written and seen from either Acha's, Æthelfrith's or brother Edwin's point of view and we learn a lot of daily life in those days. It is obviously a very well researched novel and at the end the writer takes time to explain what is historically correct to the letter and what parts were invented.

There is one mistake though. Frisia were not island off the coast of Holland. Frisia was and in some extend still is the northern parts of The Netherlands and Germany. Holland was the enemy!

by Wytzia

A wonderful, sprawling historical epic that pits family loyalties against the good of a kingdom. I’ll admit I love this historical period and thought it was very well researched. (I’m ignoring few language issues – Scotland and Wales for example would both have been speaking what we now call High Welsh, Ireland’s Gaels were speaking Sengoidelc etc) and there were a couple of minor geographic queries which might have been included for ease of story telling (as might the language simplification tbh). Full of engaging characters and tense political intrigue, this was a treat to read.

by Jules

First in a new series on Anglo Saxon Britain this is a well written and researched book you will enjoy reading. One identifies with most of the main characters, and the plot is engaging I recommend for lovers of history or historical fiction.

by Shelly

Angles or Angels brings early 7th century Britain to life. It takes an incident which those of us who have read the works of the monk Bede might have vaguely heard of, and gives us a more full and realistic picture. This is Edwin of Northumbria and Ethelfrith as you've never seen them before!

Even if you genuinely haven't heard of them, or read anything set in the 7th century, I'd recommend this for lovers of historical fiction who want to get into something new.
The author is a historian, and the novel just "wears" its historical details really well. without the reader becoming bogged down. I think even this seasoned historian might have learned a few things about early 7th century fashions, but that's the great thing. Even the historical notes at the end are enjoyable to read.

Overall, its just a very enjoyable story about love and loss that helps the reader appreciate the real lives and relationships of people who have otherwise been lost to history.

by NetGalley review

David Stokes

David Stokes in brief

Studied history at Oriel College, Oxford. Early career in business before becoming an academic at Kingston University, publishing articles and books; awarded doctorate and emeritus professorship. Now using my research knowledge and love of the past to write historical fiction mainly of the Anglo-Saxon period.

Married to Sue. Four children, none of who have names beginning with AE, despite my efforts. Hobbies outside of historical research are mainly sport (tennis and rowing currently).

I'm quite old by some definitions (but then you have to be old to write about the Anglo-Saxons, don't you?).

Enough of me: the original Anglo-Saxons are much more interesting. If you don't believe me, download a sample of their lives at

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