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Released: 28/02/2020

ISBN: 9781838592356

eISBN: 9781838597214

Format: Paperback/eBook

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All the People


Thirteen years after the Peterloo Massacre in 1819, the mill owner that led the murderous Yeomanry, Hugh Hornby Birley, the most hated man in Manchester, still casts a dark shadow over the impoverished area. His workers include the nine-year-old Mary Burns, whose family relies on her wages to survive. She will mature into a radical Chartist, fighting to change her world.

James Hull is sent into the midst of the deprivation as a missionary but, faced with such misery, he abandons his spiritual mission to save lives. His wife, Elizabeth, is devastated by the portentous death of their eighteen-year-old daughter, consumed by such guilt that it threatens to overcome her.

When the Chartists strike across the north-west in 1842 the harsh memories of Peterloo are rekindled. James and Mary support the strikers, confronting Birley, who is determined to resist the cries of working people. Each faces their own tragedy along with all the people, searching for the means and the will to survive.

All the People is due for publication in February, 2020.

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Jeff Kaye

All the People is Jeff's current work, slated for publication in February 2020. His first book was published twenty years ago. Last Line of Defense shows how good people can be easily corrupted. It follows an American business involved in the defense industry from the Yom Kippur War in 1973 to Clinton's re-election.

Jeff has worked in leadership positions within private, public and third sectors. Private sector experience ranged from CFO roles (he is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants – CIMA), to CEO for over twenty years within high technology companies including Schlumberger, BAeSystems, Lockheed Martin and Platinum Equity (M&A). During this time, he became a strategic adviser to Transparency International (UK) on their global Defence and Security (DS) programme and chaired a highly successful secondary Academy school in London from 2002-14.

In 2007, Jeff became a Director at Global Witness, an international NGO focused on natural resource-related anti-corruption, before, in 2011, spending two years as the CEO of a health-related charity. From 2014, he was a Trustee of Transparency International (UK), chairing board committees for the DS programme and Finance and Audit (as Treasurer) until stepping down from the Board in 2018, to focus on writing.

Jeff is a member of CIMA's Benevolent Fund Committee and advises non-profits with compelling missions in their quest for organisational excellence.

His book (All the People, a story of the fight for universal suffrage in early nineteenth-century England) is due for publication in February 2020. It is a story told through the lives of Hugh Hornby Birley, a wealthy mill owner and the man that led the yeomanry at Peterloo in 1819; Mary Burns, from a nine-year-old a scavenger in his mill to nineteen-year-old Chartist that leads strikers to Birley's mill during the Plug Plot Riots; James Hull, a Moravian missionary to Manchester, who confronted by the devastation he witnesses in the town, has to question his mission and eventually supports the Chartist cause; his wife, Elizabeth, who resisted the move from their farm in Bedfordshire, seeking a sign from God. When her daughter dies, she is burdened by a guilt that grows until it is no longer possible to live.

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